Love Island All Stars veneers

Um, the cast of Love Island: All Stars might all have rancid breath because of their veneers

A dentist on TikTok thinks Luis has gum disease because of them

Okay, so we’ve all seen that the cast of Love Island: All Stars have quite the bright and white veneers on. I mean, they are quite hard to miss. But apparently having veneers installed can actually make your breath absolutely reek, and even lead to gum disease.

So basically every cast member on Love Island who has veneers could also be walking around with permanent morning breath.

A dentist on TikTok has made a video about why he thinks Luis from Love Island: All Stars might actually have gum disease because of his veneers, and I won’t lie it sounds absolutely horrific.

The dentist said that Luis is obviously “very conscious of smiling and talking because of his gums.” He then went on to answer why his gums are so swollen from his veneers, saying: “When the crowns don’t fit well into the stumps underneath they tend to trap bacteria which leads to bacteria of the gums.

“If he manages to get with a girl then the blood from his gums will actually go into his mouth, mix in with the kiss and give them a nice metallic taste.”

I actually think I’m going to be sick.

But Luis isn’t the only Love Island: All Stars cast member to have veneers fitted, with Georgia Steel, Demi and Chris also having them installed. And as it turns out having veneers installed can lead to something truly horrific called “veneer breath.”

What is ‘veneer breath’?

“Veneer breath” is the term for the bad breath you can develop as a result of having veneers installed. “Veneer breath” can develop if you “have poor oral hygiene, the bacteria in your mouth can build up on the veneers, which can lead to an increase in bad breath.

“In addition, if the veneers are not properly sealed or bonded to your teeth, plaque, food, and drinks can gain access into the space between the veneer and the tooth, causing bad breath, staining, tooth decay and gum disease.”

Your actual teeth are still able to rot under the veneers, and if they haven’t been properly fitted then food and bacteria can get trapped under the veneers. As a result, some of the smell can be produced by your actual teeth just rotting under your veneers. No wonder there’s not much kissing going on.


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