Storm Isha

Channel your inner wheelie bin and be blown away by these 18 Storm Isha memes

I reckon my bin is on one of those re-directed flights at this point

My wheelie bins have had a trip of a lifetime around the streets after Storm Isha last night. Never have I regretted living in a top-floor flat than I did last night. From the wind producing high-pitched notes that would make even Mariah Carey jealous, to our mutual love for flight tracker, here are 18 iconic memes about Storm Isha.

1. If you think about it, it’s technically a life hack

2. I’ve never regretted being in a top-floor flat more than I did last night

3. They always end up leaving, no matter what

4. The nation’s favourite app

5. Nobody is ever getting back to Dublin at this rate

6. My street looks like pure carnage, there’s a random beach umbrella in the road

7. My fear of flying could never

8. Storm Isha was hitting the highest vocal notes last night

9. Perfect excuse to stay inside all day

10. Halfway to France at this point probably

11. I don’t even want to know what my roof looks like

12. Truer words have never been spoken

13. Is Bratwurst even a good hangover cure?

14. Falling asleep on that flight would have been killer

15. ‘Don’t make unnecessary journey’s’

16. Pure nightmare

17. I don’t even need a plane to get to Germany

18. ‘Ooh they’ve just issued a Storm Isha tornado warning’

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