Kylie Jenner has had many a hair transformation

Ranked: Kylie Jenner and her many hair colours by how iconic they are

Now that she’s gone pink x

Kylie Jenner seems to love two things; a suprise reveal and trying lots of different hair colours.

Recently, she debuted a pink cotton candy dye job to her 399 million Instagram followers. Obviously, because it’s Kylie, people have to speculate about what this means. Does it mean a return to 2014? King Kylie? Are her and sisters’ apps coming back? Will she bring out a range of hair dye? Seriously, I’m concerned for the staff at Superdrug manning the dye aisle. Kylie could make wearing plastic bags the hottest trend. Soon we could see a whole rose hair army. Along with thinking of the poor customer assistants at chemists across the world, it also got me itching to do a retrospective on the rainbow that has been her hair.

The ranking of all the colours that Kylie Jenner has dyed her hair by how iconic they are 

15. Lilac

Her hair at the 2019 Met Gala was obviously a wig, but it was not her best work either way!

14. Hot pink

It’s fun (and probably a wig), but it does just detract from her beauty. Kylie, you can do better hair-wise than his 2018 moment.

13. Orange

I see the Hayley Williams-inspired vision from 2016, but let’s leave faded carrot hair to the lead singer of Paramore, please.

12. Platinum Blonde

Blondes might have more fun, but it is hard to get right! I do think unnatural shades of blonde look so much better with a bit of root regrowth. Kylie has returned time and time again to the coveted shade. As a fake blonde myself, I understand its irresistible pull.

11. Emerald green

Something about this 2016 colour gives me the ick. Perhaps its the Grinch vibe it radiates. Either way, thank you, next!

10. Mint green

My hair used to look like this when I spent too long in the pool as a little girl. In 2015, Kylie should’ve slathered Heinz ketchup on her head like my mother used to do for me. Hear me out, but it would be better without the extensions! There’s just so much of it!

9. Yellow

Yellow is not a good colour to dye your hair. It would work if she were a punk on Camden High Street, not Thee Instagram baddie. Despite this, I understand the ‘I can because I’m Kylie Jenner, so I will’ energy. A moment in time I’m glad it is over.

8. Silver

Kylie leant into the winter vibes in 2018 when she turned her hair silver. It was a cute moment in time, the way it merged with her eyebrows. However, I had almost forgotten about it, so that can’t be good.

7. Baby blue

Kylie turned her tresse baby blue to see in 2019, and it quite suited her. However, you could tell her hair was crying out to cool it with the peroxide, which knocked points off.

6. Baby Pink

The new colour is cute, and I like it. It’s bad per se, but I’m just not obsessed with it. It takes away, rather than adds to, her beauty. This isn’t the first time she has sported the rosy hue. It is a colour she returns to repeatedly. The fresh colour has made many wonder what else she might resurrect sartorially or professionally from her past. Lip kit in 2024, anyone?

5. Red

Before Dua Lipa debuted her Houndini-era wine hair, Kylie had already been there and bought the dye stained t-shirt. When she did it in 2019, it looked really good, and I should say it!

4. Golden blonde highlights

I truly believe there is a shade of blonde that suits everyone, and this is closer to platinum for Kylie! Highlights are an easy gateway and a fun way to take the plunge gradually, as she did in 2020. Seeing that money piece does give me lockdown flashbacks, so points off for that.

3. Rainbow ombre hair

Kylie channelled her mermaid fantasy with this dreamy pinky-purple that flowed into a yellow-green mix. It is fun and age-appropriate while probably difficult to recreate at home. You’d need a trusted hairdresser to get this magical look just right.

2. The turquoise ombre

Long-time fans of Keeping Up With the Kardashians will remember the drama when Kylie had turquoise when her sister Kim Kardashian married Kayne West in 2014. The affair, which boasted a rehearsal dinner at the actual Palace of Versailles and a pro bono Lana Del Rey performance, was the event of the celeb season. I really liked the hair and how it was a bit of teenage rebellion.

1. Natural brunette

Of all the many hair colours Kylie Jenner has had, I feel it looks its best when it is au natural. She and all her sisters love to experiment, like Kourtney, Kim, Khloe Kardashian and Kendall Jenner. However, they shine the brightest with their raven hair. Experiment away, ladies, but know this is very much the case!

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