Over one year on from their Love Island breakup, Jacques is still obsessed with Paige

He commented and quickly deleted a mega petty message on Paige’s Instagram

In news that surprises nobody, Jacques is still obsessed with Paige despite the fact it’s been over one year since their Love Island breakup. Sir, she is happily in a new relationship can we please leave her alone?

Paige posted a stunning photo of herself in a bikini on Instagram and Jacques was quick to comment on her post. He commented: “Did your boyfriend take this?” before quickly deleting the comment. This is just too embarrassing.

Jacques quit Love Island, and Paige then recoupled up with Adam Collard, but during their time on the show, Jacques showed a lot of red flags. One such moment was during the heart rate challenge when it was revealed that Jacques’s heart was raised the most by Gemma, and not Paige, who he was coupled up with.

After Paige confronted Jacques about it, he lashed out and called her “pathetic” and told her to “f*** off”. Jacques said: “Are you actually bothered about Gem and me? You’re being pathetic. I don’t understand how you have a problem with that.” Shortly after, he admitted to having flashbacks of sex with Gemma Owen and that was why his heart was raised the most by her during the challenge.

Yikes. But Paige remains unbothered, what a queen.

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