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People are convinced Monica and Chandler move into this famous house at the end of Friends

Could there BE any more clues?

A new theory has emerged that the house which Monica and Chandler moved into at the end of Friends was in fact the famous house owned by the McCallister’s in Home Alone.

Noticing something that most viewers hadn’t picked up before, one keen fan believes he’s uncovered the truth, arguing that the married couple in the iconic series must have moved into Kevin McCallister’s iconic home after spotting some major clues from the show.

Most Friends fans will remember that Chandler and Monica decided to move out of their iconic New York City apartment after adopting twin babies, choosing to relocate to the suburbs.

But TikToker @kazascoot surprised us all when he shared a theory on Monday that the couple must have in fact moved into the McCallister’s family home after critically analysing scenes in both Friends and Home Alone.


The Bings could’ve just adopted Kevin after he inevitably gets taken away by child services due to parental neglect #homealone #christmas #movie #friends

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Zooming in on the property opposite the Bing’s new house, the blue garage may ring some bells to those who’ve seen Home Alone. The TikToker focussed on the garage which can be seen out of the window, which he argues is also featured in the Christmas movie Home Alone. Referring to a scene in Home Alone which saw Kevin McCallister outside of the same garage, he says “You see this house here with the garage? Well, doesn’t it look familiar?”

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But of course, there’s more. In the video, which has since racked up over 800,000 views and over 60,000 likes, the TikToker adds: “And if you want further proof, what’s next door to the Murphy’s house? This house with the wreath”.

Pausing Friends just as Joey walks past the front door, a Christmas wreath can be spotted on the opposite neighbours’ front door. According to the TikToker, it’s the same wreath shown on Kevin’s neighbours house when he sledges down the stairs and lands in the street.

He concludes: “And what do we find next to the McCallister’s house? The house with the wreath on the door. So there you go. Do what you will with that information. Merry Christmas.”

According to Digital Spy, 22 Vision reached out to the real owners of the house in Winnetka, Illinois and “confirmed” that it actually is the same house.

Although I’m sorry to say it, there are still holes in the theory and not everyone’s convinced. Some people pointed and commented on the TikTok video that Monica and Chandler moved to upstate New York, while the McAllister’s lived in Chicago.

One person debunked the theory and wrote: “Probs just reusing the set as the McCallisters lived in Chicago and Chandler and Monica lived in New York” whilst another added “Unless they were able to uplift the McAllister home from Chicago and take it all the way to NY…I’m gonna go with negative.”

Another commenter joked about the likelihood of Monica and Chandler being able to afford the McCallister’s home and wrote: “On a chef and transponster salary? I think not”.

But one viewer seemingly cracked the code, explaining how both Home Alone and Friends was filmed: “Home Alone house exterior is a real house. Interior was a set. The shot when the camera shows across the street is a set. That set was used as backdrop in Friends.”

The TikToker’s theory even extended to suggest that the Bing’s may have adopted Kevin after he was inevitably put into state care due to parental neglect. So, could it have been the Home Alone house in Friends? It seems a bit far fetched, but the clues do speak for themselves. Who knows?

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