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If you can get full marks on this celebrity jawline quiz, you need a social media break

Timothee Chalamet needs to put the gua-sha down

A chizzled jawline is one of those classic beauty standards which doesn’t ever seem to go out of fashion. Even Elvis was known for his strong bone structure, so it makes sense that the men of today are constantly striving to produce a sharp jaw. Timothee Chalamet and Matt Rife are possibly the most notoriously known owners of sharp celebrity jawlines right now, and Matt’s crazy transformation still has me shocked. What gua-sha is that man using?

Meanwhile, Timothee’s chin is literally sharp enough to take someone’s eye out. I don’t know how he pulled that jaw off in Wonka, as the last time I remembered, Willy didn’t look like Handsome Squidward. Whatever, I’m not complaining.

You might not remember from Divergent, Dylan O’Brien’s face has leaned out and even he is repping a banging jaw under that bushy beard. I don’t know what they’re putting in the water but it seems like every celebrity is somehow growing a jawline out of nowhere. Where are they getting them from? They’re essentially the male equivalent of lip fillers and it’s getting harder these days to fish out whose is natural and who bought their jaw from Turkey. But hey, no judgement either way.

If you think you’re pretty knowledgable when it comes to celeb facial structures, this celebrity jawline quiz is the ultimate challenge to test your expertise.

Think you know your chins? Take this celebrity jawline quiz and find out


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