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Quiz: Can you match the celebrity children to their famous parent?

Oh to be one of this bunch

It’s difficult to not be jealous of those who are the child of someone famous. It’s a life some of us can only dream of. There’s the obvious fame and fortune, being able to hang around with other celebs, travelling the world and getting to go to countless glitzy events just for fun. For a few celebrity children, who you might be able to spot in this quiz, they’ve inherited their parents’ good looks as well as the normal glamour which comes with being a huge celeb.

But do you recognise the nearly-as-famous faces of the children of well-known celebrities? From footballers to pop stars and chefs to entrepreneurs: All you have to do in this trivia test is match the son or daughter to their celebrity parent. Which sounds easy, right? It’s time to really test your eyes and pop culture knowledge here.

Try and match the children to their celebrity parent in the quiz below:

All photos via Instagram. 

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