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Molly-Mae finally addresses the rumours about her and Tommy Fury ending their engagement

‘Things aren’t always going to be sunshine and roses’

Molly-Mae has finally addressed all the assumptions about the status of the relationship between her and Tommy in a Q&A on her YouTube channel. Earlier this month Molly-Mae was pictured without her engagement ring on, leading people to wonder if she and Tommy had decided to end their relationship.

The assumptions came after a video started to circulate on TikTok of Tommy in a club in Dubai with the controversial rapper Chris Brown and an unidentified girl. In the clip, the girl squeezes Tommy’s face before he turns his head away and laughs.


In her most recent YouTube video, Molly-Mae answered questions about her relationship and how she has developed a “thick skin” since coming out of Love Island.

Molly-Mae revealed the list of questions regarding Tommy and their engagement, and said she understands the interest in her relationship as she is in the “public eye.”

Molly-Mae said: “I get it, people want to know, when I put that Q&A box up I should have known what everyone’s going to be asking questions about. Honestly, what do I expect? My life is in the public eye, it sounds bad to say but you kind of sign up for it in this job.”

She went on to say: “I feel like things people deal with in private, it is slightly tricky that obviously, things aren’t always going to be perfect and things aren’t always going to be sunshine and roses, but when they aren’t, you have millions of people giving their opinion on it and talking about it.”

Some fans were worried about how Molly would be coping with all the rumours and the video itself but she said: “Honestly guys, I’m fine – it’s just another day in the office.”

Molly-Mae continued saying: “I really don’t care about what is said about me, Tommy, my relationship, I don’t care what’s said about me, it sounds really cliché, but you do really grow a massively thick skin, I’m immune to it. It feels like I’m reading about someone else’s life because half the time the stuff isn’t true anyway.”

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