Im A Celeb secret codes

All the secret signals I’m A Celeb campmates use to communicate with their families

Everyone thinks Nigel Farage’s letter from home had a secret code in

It happens every year: The celebs who end up trudging into the I’m A Celeb jungle all end up coming up with cunning codes to communicate with their loved ones watching at home. Obviously, the jungle is a lonely place – when you’ve only got the likes of Nigel pigging Farage for company you need to cling onto what you love back home as best you can. The I’m A Celeb jungle has always seen campmates lowkey break the rules with secret codes in order to communicate with back home, so here’s a rundown of some of the cleverest.

Farage’s letter from home

When campmates got their letters from home earlier this week, viewers thought that Nigel Farage’s had a secret code in it from his family. “To Dad, you’ve achieved so much over the years but nothing has made us prouder than showing people who you really are. Why are we not shocked at you effortlessly sinking those dirty pints? You will be pleased to hear the boat is afloat and everything’s running smoothly.”

Fans think the boat comment is a code – especially because Farage has such a fear of water.

Marvin Humes

The JLS king has a cute secret code where he hits his chest every time he’s on camera to let Rochelle and the kids know he loves them.

Shane Richie

When Shane Richie was in camp, he had a secret code for his kids where he’d put his hand over his face with two fingers covering his eye. This was a message to his children that he loved them when they were watching back home.

Giovanna Fletcher

Similar to Shane, Fletcher used to hold her nose and wiggle her fingers and that would signal back home.

Linda Robson

The Loose Women panelist used to shout “cuckoo”, apparently. Right…

Rebekah Vardy

Sneaky queen herself had a code where she’s draw on her camp hat with charcoal – usually writing a heart and a U for Jamie Vardy and the kids.

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