Nigel Farage got a telling off by producers for getting completely naked in the jungle

We’ve all seen enough of Nigel’s bare arse for a lifetime

Every year of I’m A Celeb, there is always a rule breaker and this year it is Nigel Far-arse, sorry I mean Nigel Farage, as the former UKIP now BNP leader has been stripping down naked in front of his camp mates and the producers have simply had enough.

Episodes of I’m A Celeb in its first week should have come with a trigger warning as viewers and fellow campmates alike were subjected to seeing Nige’s bare bottom whilst he took a shower.

And now Frankie Dettori has revealed that the producers were not best pleased with the politician at all. In a post exit interview with The Sun, Frankie told how Nigel was actually in breach of the camp rules by taking his kit off to wash.

nigel farage naked

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He said: “We were told to keep our swimmers on. The shower is miles away from the camp so we don’t know what’s going on. I am not going to go and spy on Nigel’s butt!”

Frankie might not have seen it but the same can’t be said for fellow campmates Josie Gibson and Danielle Harold.

“I just saw something I never thought I’d see: Nigel’s bare arse,” Josie informed the camp. With the Eastenders actor replying: “That’s a sight for sore eyes.”

But the pair were also quick to note that Nigel was in surprisingly good shape: “Considering he’s nearly 60 it ain’t too bad.”

Even still, I’ve definitely seen enough of Nigel Farage naked for a lifetime.

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