Nicki Minaj Pink Friday 2 Gag City

These 19 memes about Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday 2 album are a one way ticket to Gag City

‘Cardi B has been denied entry to Gag City’

Nicki Minaj is finally releasing her new album, Pink Friday 2, TOMORROW. The Minaj cannot stop teasing Gag City, and the lore surrounding the album which has resulted in the most chaotic memes imaginable as people use AI to generate different celebs arriving at Gag City – or being denied entry. Here’s a rundown of all the best Gag City memes as Nicki Minaj prepares to release Pink Friday 2.

Everyone is strolling into Gag City, and if you aren’t arriving with the girlies ready to serve a big Barb slay, then what on earth are you doing with your Thursday? Let’s go Onika Tonya. Anyone who’s anyone is here.

1. The main pop girly cartoons have ARRIVED

2. She’s gonna run Gag City like she runs TikTok


4. The Gag City dance school looms

5. Not what anyone needs tbh

6. Of course she’s still wearing that bloody dress

7. Actually that IS the truth, Ellen!!!

8. Queen cards out for verification please

9. God bless Gagmerica

10. God I miss when American Horror Story was good

11. You can’t blame him really

12. Padam Padaming around Gag City that’s mother

13. Britney is a Barb for REAL

14. Opulent queen

15. There’s a gag wolf in the closet

16. No one else for it

17. REAL

18. And she will fit right in, that’s mother

19. Better luck next time I fear

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