Adrienne Nathanial MAFS dating

Um, people are completely convinced Nathanial and Adrienne from MAFS UK are dating now?

He posted a very lengthy reel about how much he loves her

The MAFS UK cast really loves to keep us guessing. So, in an unexpected turn of events, everyone now thinks Nathanial and Adrienne from MAFS UK are dating and in a relationship together.

Nathanial posted an Instagram reel all about Adrienne, with cute clips of them out and about together. He paired it with sentimental music, and a lot of the pictures and videos of them feature them being very close to each other.

He wrote in the caption: “I am so proud of you, your morals and everything you strive to achieve.

“We may not have had our MAFS journey together but the bond we’ve made after the show has been nothing but laughs, support and karaoke. Here’s to more adventures, belly laughs and spontaneity.”

Is it giving just friends or something more?

Adrienne replied to the reel in her Instagram story saying: “So grateful for you, and the support and encouragement.”

This isn’t the first time that people have speculated that there might be more to Nathanial and Adrienne’s friendship than meets the eye, after he posted a picture of them together with his arms wrapped around her.

And a lot of fans think they might be together, commenting “But is it more than friends…” whilst another wrote, “Come on, are you two a couple?” With the amount of partner-swapping that’s been going on between the MAFS UK cast, it wouldn’t surprise me.

So who knows whether Nathanial and Adrienne from MAFS are dating, or maybe they’re just really close friends!

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