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There are loads of throwback pictures of the Oppenheim twins and they are wild

Seeing them with hair feels wrong

The world became aware of the Oppenheim twins when Selling Sunset first hit Netflix, and since then they’ve basically become household names. There have been seven seasons of the show now, and whilst we still might not be able to tell which is Jason and which is Brett, the brothers feel like part of the furniture.

The Oppenheim twins were born in April 1977, in California. Real estate ran in the family, as their great-great-grandfather is Jacob Stern, who moved to Hollywood in 1889 and became a real estate entrepreneur founding The Stern Realty Co.

Jason and Brett Oppenheim have had quite a journey from when they were younger to where they are now. As teens, the pair went to correctional facilities and even spent time in jail before become the hotshot real estate moguls they are today.

According to reports, the twins were suspended or expelled from five schools whilst growing up, being raised by their single mother. She is said to have sent them to a harsh reformist teen correctional camp in Idaho when they were 13, where Jason was so hungry he ate half a rattlesnake and ants at one point. Jason described the camp as a “living hell” and said it was the “worst month of my life”.

Jason and Brett Oppenheim are also said to have spent time in jail in their lives, with Jason admitting he picked up a DUI conviction when he was much younger. They were reportedly “out of control teenagers, regularly getting into fist fights and scrapes with the law.”

But now, both of the Oppenheim twims are qualified lawyers and had a career in law, also working with celebrity clients, before heading up the number one luxury real estate company in LA. They now have a net worth of an estimated $50million (£37.5million) each.

Posting on Instagram some pictures of them together, Jason said: “Travel photos from when Brett and I quit our jobs as attorneys to travel the world for three years, visiting 80 countries and more than 200 cities!”

The Oppenheim twins have also shared loads of pictures of when they were tiny, and honestly, the biggest shock is seeing them with hair. I just assumed they’d forever been bald, tbh.

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