Thomas TikToks since MAFS UK 2023

I hate to say it, but here are Thomas’ most cringe TikToks since MAFS UK 2023

Someone take his phone off him, I beg

I’m really sorry to be the one to say it, because I genuinely love Thomas with all my heart, but his TikToks since MAFS UK 2023 have been god awful. Put the phone down please, I’m begging you.

Since the MAFS UK 2023 experiment, Thomas has let loose on his account – and his TikToks have been everything from him irritating his mum at home, to walking his cat in a rucksack. They really are something.

So, if you’re ready for your toes to curl in a way you didn’t think possible, here is a rundown of the most unhinged and cringe videos he’s posted. In no particular order, just all here for your enjoyment.

1. Let’s start with ‘welcome to the gun show’… for his mum


My mum loves me … I think? 🥴😂 who else loves annoying their parents? 😂 #thomas #mafsuk #annoying

♬ original sound – Thomas Kriaras

2. Not someone in the comments pointing out this video proves Thomas Googles himself every day 💀


@Luke Worley (MAFS UK) can’t believe you broke up with me bro #mafsuk #bromance #thomas

♬ original sound – Thomas Kriaras

3. Here is Thomas… placing a cat on his face


He’s so heavy hahahaha can’t do it! 😂😂 xxx

♬ оригинальный звук – scar1exa

4. Ok he’s done a version of this meme and it’s quite jokes, Thomas you can have this one

5. I won’t ever get this minute of my life back x

6. Not this, anything but this


We have a personality only a mother can love … hopefully she still loves me 🥹😂 #fyp #thomasmafs #thomas #mafsuk #cats #joke

♬ Get You the Moon – Syf

The audio choice at the start is really sending me.

7. I had to include this one of Georges because what is going on here?!

It’s the way this tragic regional night club is literally empty in the background. I can’t deal.

8. Ummmm?

9. Just in case we didn’t get it in the compilation, this one has been posted on its own, too

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