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Let’s call a spade a spade: Luke and Jordan’s MAFS UK fight is cringe beyond belief

‘Married at First Fight’? Pack this in!

Remember those halcyon days where Married at First Sight UK was genuinely about an experiment that tries to match people to their potential soulmate? No, me neither. If we’re being real, MAFS UK has always been a show at its heart about an influencer-ascension for its cast. Sure, there’s a few stragglers genuinely on there to find love – but I think it’s fair to say across the board the show is a bit of a springboard for chaos and reality TV drama. It’s all well and good. But do you know where I’m afraid we are well and truly going to have to draw the line? Luke and Jordan from this year’s MAFS UK continuing their on show beef with a scrap known as “Married at First Fight” – and the two charging 44 quid if you fancy watching it. What on earth is happening?

Above you’ll see the official promotional imagery for the Jordan and Luke MAFS UK fight. I have no answers for you if you’d like to know why the image of Jordan looks like it was captured on a potato. This has been created by a professional graphic designer. There’s a lot to unpack. From what I can gather based on their posts and the promo imagery, this fight is not for charity. Oooookay.

I enjoyed the random Luke and Jordan beef on the show, don’t get me wrong. When Luke stormed Jordan’s apartment like it was Fort Knox, I was suitably entertained by the little scuffle and general reality TV nonsense. But did anyone watch that and think, hmm, you know what I NEED to see next? These two random fellas off the telly brawl it out. No. We did not.

You see, when MAFS UK ends, I go back to my life. I say this as someone with a vested interest in the show and who pretty much writes about it for a living. When the season ends, I do not then spend my waking hours wondering if Jordan and Luke are going to fight again. But here we are. The scrap looms.

All the MAFS UK cast are rallying around either Jordan or Luke, with Rozz meekly putting “Oh god – I don’t like to see anyone fighting, but here we are” as she promotes the nonsense on her story. It’s the talk of the MAFS town, but does the rest of the world care? Because the only thing I care about is how cringe can we actually get here. Please, just finish your reality TV tenure with grace and decorum and do some sponsored adverts like the rest of the world! And leave the fighting out of it.

Luke and Jordan should just pull each other for a chat and get on with it, maybe a table showdown like the end of a week of Four in a Bed. Erica and Jay on backup to keep the peace. For the love of god, step out of the ring.

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