All the devastating MAFS UK splits that still break our hearts even now

How did Jordan and Chanita not make it work!?

It is not harsh to say that out of all the pairings created by the MAFS UK experts, not many of them actually manage to stick the landing. Most of the MAFS UK couples paired on the show barely take off longer than a few weeks, but every season there are a few that genuinely have a spark and you can’t help but root for them to work out. Some of them feel genuinely like an ideal partnership – and then disaster strikes. Here’s a round up of the MAFS UK splits that still manage to break out hearts even now. How the hell did this lot make it?

Dan and Matt

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Dan and Matt were MAFS UK’s first ever same sex couple, and made it work in the 2021 series and then had a year long relationship that secured them as fan favourites. Literally everyone wanted these two to make it, but sadly they announced their breakup at the end of 2022.

Matt has since opened up about the split, saying “We fell in love, we had a great relationship, I don’t want to take that away. I had an incredible experience being on the show, and me and Dan enjoyed that journey together

“It is a shame that things didn’t work out for the long term, but that pressure and feeling like you’re letting the community and the fans and everybody that supports you down. And that’s why it was so difficult to put that announcement out back in December last year

“I was upset anyway because I was heartbroken. I was in love with Dan and I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t want us to separate but circumstances were that that needed to happen, so having that added pressure was quite intense, and even more so upsetting.

“It’s like any relationship that breaks down and any relationship where you fall out or you separate, you have that hurt because either one of you doesn’t want to or it’s a difficult time anyway. I put my heart and soul into the process and into the relationship so for that to break down was really heartbreaking for me, and it’s taken me a long time to move forward and get over it.”

Jordan and Chanita

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Jordan and Chanita seemed the most destined to go on after the show in 2022, with the pair of them instantly hitting it off and having a really strong relationship for the whole series. Of all the MAFS UK splits, it was this pair breaking up before the reunion after saying yes at the final commitment ceremony was honestly wild.

Matt and Adrienne

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Matt and Adrienne started great, dipped in the middle and then we genuinely saw them take steps into it being something great. It was such a shock when they came to the reunion split up – and even more of a shock now that Matt is loved up with Shona. I’m happy for Shona and Matt, but it must sting for Adrienne and I do feel sorry for her.

Ella and JJ

MAFS UK splits

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I know not everyone will agree with me on this being one of the saddest MAFS UK splits, but I genuinely think seeing Ella and JJ realise they weren’t right for each other at final vows was really hard. I know they didn’t go about things the best way but they did have a genuine spark, so it’s sad when that fizzles out. You could really see the admiration they had for each other.

Thomas and Rozz

MAFS UK splits

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Of all the ones on this rundown, it’s Thomas and Rozz that genuinely made me cry at the TV (lol). It felt so right, and Tom was just so heartbroken. I’ll never forget how sad he looked and how their slowly developed happiness just fell away. I’m glad they’re still on good terms. We’ve gotta keep the faith, guys!

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