Matty Bake Off relationship

Inside Bake Off winner Matty’s wholesome life and adorable relationship with fiancée Lara

He proposed to his girlfriend in Sorrento!

So Matty has officially won The Great British Bake Off 2023 and it’s safe to say that everyone is absolutely OBSESSED with him.

Matty Edgell was self-admittedly the “official underdog” of the competition. But on Tuesday he shocked absolutely everyone and beat Josh and Dan to the Bake Off trophy.

But not only that, everyone was absolutely weeping when they announced his engagement to his girlfriend Lara at the end of the show. On winning Matty said: “I hope GBBO might just change my life a little bit, but being a PE teacher is something I really ‘enjoy at the moment.”

So here is everything you need to know about Bake Off winner Matty Edgell and his incredibly wholesome life and relationship with fiancée Lara:

Matty is a 28-year-old teacher from Peterborough

Matty is 28 and works as a PE and science teacher at a school in Peterborough. According to his LinkedIn, Matty studied sports coaching and physical education at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. He got a 2:1 and was a member of the football society.

He still plays football today for Stanground Sports Football Club and often donates a lot of his cakes to the club. The club tweeted a picture of him with the team captioned: “Spot the Bake Off star baker. Where it started and will continue for him. Been a mental day we are sure but he will smile all the way!”

He has also previously worked as a personal trainer and a lifeguard so very big slay for him.

He recently got engaged to his girlfriend Lara

I will forever be obsessed with Matty’s relationship to his now fiancée Lara. At the end of the show on Tuesday, his engagement was revealed. The two got engaged in Sorrento and will be getting married in June next year. Matty said: “I loved being in the tent and another of my happiest life moments was when I got engaged in Sorrento to my fiancée Lara.”

Matty Bake Off relationship

Via Channel 4

Matty and Lara have been together eight years and it was Lara who actually applied to the show for him in secret. At the end of the show he was asked: “What do you think it was that got you here”, to which he replied: “Lara” before giggling. Stop it right now I am OBSESSED.

Lara said: “He would have never applied for himself. It’s just not in his nature. he’s not braggy. I wanted him to be a part of something like this to show him how amazing he is because it doesn’t matter how much I tell him, he doesn’t believe me.” Don’t mind me, just weeping!

His fiancée Lara actually went to Hampton College, the school where Matty now teaches. She studied microbiology and immunology at Aston University in Birmingham and now works in heart failure research.

Matty and Lara are also into running and often run races including Tough Mudder. On Instagram, the Tough Mudder official account posted a picture of Matty doing the race with the caption: “Congratulations to our very own Matty for winning the great British Bake Off. Safe to say that on our course he got a soggy bottom!”

Matty Bake Off relationship

Via LinkedIn

In a statement on Instagram, he thanked his family and girlfriend for his win and admitted he hadn’t cooked dinner for 10 weeks: “Thank you so much to all of my family for every bit of support and encouragement. Lara, I can’t imagine I was fun to live with at times and I am so grateful for the sacrifices you made for me throughout this! I don’t think I made dinner for 10 weeks. You had to live the Bake Off journey with me but never got to do the fun part.

“Through the highs and lows of my journey, you picked me up countless times, supported me and gave me the confidence I needed each week. Without you, I wouldn’t have been able to do any of it (literally, Lara, I now thank you for applying for me).”

Lara has now asked him to start planning to make their wedding cake for when they get married in June.

He started baking after his nan made him a teddy bear cake when he was four

Before Bake Off, Matty was super secretive about his baking. In his first post on Instagram announcing he was going to be on the show, he said “Sorry to my friends that are only just finding out I’m an avid home baker, that’s my best kept secret spilt!”

Making his Instagram just for the show, his account is mostly just now filled with the most wholesome baking videos and pics.

But Matty started baking after his gran made him a teddy bear cake for his birthday when he was four. So adorable.

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