Spotify Wrapped 2023 listening characters

What exactly are the new Spotify Wrapped 2023 listening characters, and what do they mean?

Are you more of a vampire or a cyclops?

Spotify Wrapped is my favourite day of the year, and the 2023 version has brought some fun new stats that you can inevitably add to your dating profile and obnoxiously tweet about. One of these is the new listening characters, which assigns you a cool tarot-looking card based on what character you are.

There are 12 listening characters in total and they are based on your Spotify Wrapped 2023 listening data. But what exactly do they mean, and how do you see which listening character you are?

How to find my Spotify Wrapped character

You can find your Spotify Wrapped character in the main slide feature, on the third to last slide.


Spotify says that the Vampires like to embrace a little “darkness” in their music. This means you listen to emotional, atmospheric tunes more than most.


The Alchemists are defined as those who like to create their own playlists.

Time Traveller

The Time Travellers are music fans who like to go back in time listening to older tracks on repeat.


Spotify describes the Cyclops as “loyal and devoted” when it comes to music. This means you tend to focus on one genre in particular.


The Luminary folks among us play the “light, upbeat” music more than others.


Spotify Wrapped 2023 listening characters

The Mastermind is for those who listen to a wide range of different genres.


Spotify Wrapped 2023 listening characters

Spotify says the Roboticist is aimed at people who “like to hit play, kick back, and let the clever algorithms work their magic, track after track.”


Spotify Wrapped 2023 listening characters

The Shapeshifter is a listener who is “head over heels for an artist” and then moves on. “Some say it’s erratic. We call it eclectic,” Spotify says.


Spotify Wrapped 2023 listening characters

Your taste is “sublime” according to Spotify. You mostly listen to your own playlists.


Spotify Wrapped 2023 listening characters

The Hunter is described as a person who is always on the lookout for new favourites. You also skip tracks more than other listeners, apparently.


Spotify Wrapped 2023 listening characters

Fanatics are those who have a favourite and “never let go”. Your top artist makes up more than a third of your listening, too.


Spotify Wrapped 2023 listening characters

The Hypnotist is those with “absolute” concentration. “You like to play albums all the way through, from the opening track to the final note,” Spotify says.

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