MAFS UK brides Beauty Awards

The brides of MAFS UK were at The Beauty Awards and they all looked absolutely stunning

Seriously, how are they all so gorgeous?

The brides of MAFS UK attended The Beauty Awards this week, and honestly, they all deserve awards themselves for how insanely beautiful they look. The Beauty Awards take place every year in London and “recognise and reward products that bring something unique, groundbreaking, or innovative to the market.”

Tasha, Ella, Rozz and Jay were all in attendance, however, neither Erica, Adrienne or Laura went to the awards. Erica and Ella are still majorly feuding, and Ella recently called Erica and Jordan’s relationship “toxic,” and said she “doesn’t think they’ll stay together.” Yikes, I can see why Erica wouldn’t want to be there with Ella.

Let’s see what the MAFS UK girls wore to the red carpet!

Jay looked absolutely stunning and I need to steal her gown

Via Instagram @jay_howard

Jay is giving the same energy as a wealthy widow whose husband has just died under mysterious circumstances.

Pink is 100 per cent Rozz’s colour

Rozz looks absolutely breathtaking, and her hair is doing so much work here.

They’re genuinely all so beautiful

Via Instagram @itstashajay

What a beautiful bunch of MAFS UK brides.

Tasha loves a gold and fringe moment

As she should because the combo looks great on her every time.

The Tasha crossover I never knew we needed

MAFS UK brides Beauty Awards

Via Instagram @itstashajay

Let’s just all take a moment for both of the Tashas please, I’m obsessed.

So stunning

MAFS UK brides Beauty Awards

Via Instagram @rozzdarlington

Spice Girls 2.0.

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Featured image via Instagram @rozzdarlington