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Ella calls Erica and Jordan’s MAFS UK relationship ‘toxic’ and ‘doesn’t think they’ll last’

‘I’m amazed they’re still together’

I think the MAFS UK cast this year are all unable to go a week before throwing some shade at each other, and this time Ella has been throwing some major shade towards Erica and Jordan’s relationship. Ella and Erica had an ongoing feud on the show, and the two haven’t seen each other at all since MAFS UK ended, other than at the reunions.

In an interview, Ella discussed how “shady” Erica has been toward her, as well as her thoughts that Erica and Jordan’s relationship could be more of a “showmance” rather than a romance.

Ella said the relationship between Erica and Jordan is a “very toxic relationship. I’m amazed they’re still together.” Erica and Jordan are one of only three couples who decided to stay together at the end of MAFS but Ella doesn’t see them lasting in the long run.

She went on to say: “Well, is it a real romance? Is it a showmance? She’s been quite shady about me, so I don’t know why I’m holding back.

“Yeah, I don’t think they’ll last,” she added. Yikes, the beef is absolutely wild.

Ella also touched on the infamous spa fallout between her, Erica and Tasha Jay which I’m assuming she is referencing when she claims Erica has been “shady” about her.

On the fallout between her and Erica, Ella said: “I’m so glad I stuck to my word and was honest and said, you don’t give good energy, I think people were expecting me to have a reason for not gelling with her. My reason was, I didn’t get good energy.”

I think the Christmas reunion is going to be the most drama-filled one yet!

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