After screaming, crying, throwing up: Where is player 299 from Squid Game The Challenge now?

He’s graduated from uni and overcome a cancer battle

During Squid Game: The Challenge, one of the most iconic moments has been player 299 breaking down over the Dalgona cookie challenge. God, love him.

He was seen giving in to accepting the umbrella, and then retching when it came to actually completing the challenge. It was absolutely gross, but in equal measures I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

Player 299 is called Spencer, and he is a 21-year-old from North Carolina. Outside the show he works as a software engineer, and admitted on Squid Game that for all his life, he’s been a massive mummy’s boy.

His Squid Game: The Challenge bio reads: “Spencer has nine siblings and thinks he’s best suited for endurance games because he likes to long-distance run. He hopes to befriend as many people as possible because he doesn’t think he can win alone.”

Squid Game: The Challenge player 299

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Where is player 299 from Squid Game: The Challenge now?

Since filming for Squid Game: The Challenge, player 299 has posted lots of of updates on Instagram all about his life. Spencer has graduated, and overcome a huge medical battle recently.

In 2021, Spencer shared he had been in his best health ever, running a marathon and at peak fitness, before being diagnosed with cancer. He has since been given the all-clear.

“Five months ago I was in the best health of my life and ran my first marathon,” one of his posts says. “Three months ago I received the worst diagnosis of my life and learned that I had a malignant cancerous tumour. One week later I received the worst injury of my life in the form of a horrible sprained ankle that kept me from walking (not to mention running as well).

“One week ago I finished my chemotherapy and am officially cancer free with less than a one per cent chance of relapse. This semester has been a lot in terms of learning, though the most important lessons I’ve learned have been outside the classroom. I wish I could say the fact that I cried myself to sleep one night worried that I might not be alive by now had brought me some clarity of mind, but I’m still human.

“I appreciate second chances and hope that I’ll do my best to take advantage of the rest of the life I have left. There have been too many people for me to thank for the things you all have done for me over the past 20 years. It saddens me that many of us grow apart naturally as we grow into better people. I think I just want to say, thank you. And I’ll remember you.”

Over the summer of 2023, Spencer graduated from Davidson College. According to his LinkedIn, he received a degree in computer science and theatre. Right now he is working at Davidson College, as a resident advisor.

It also looks as though he may be putting the theatre part of his degree to use, as this week Spencer posted on Instagram and said: “After years of writing, drafting, performing, shelving, and restarting— I’m excited to share three projects with you I’ve been working on over the next three weeks.”

As well as this, and in a very classic move, Spencer is now on Cameo! For just £2 you can drop him a message and ask him about Squid Game, and general life. A bargain, if you ask me.

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