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Jenry have responded to Danny Beard calling them in Big Brother hot tub ‘Tory soup’

Jordan and Henry clapped back in an interview

Jordan Sangha and Henry Southan have got the world in a chokehold for some reason with their Jenry antics, especially now they’ve confirmed they are officially boyfriends. But not everyone is on board for the couple after they found romantic bliss in the Big Brother hot tub after their infamous kiss, and Jordan and Henry have now responded to RuPaul’s Drag Race UK winner Danny Beard making a hilarious comment on the two of them when the queen was on Big Brother Late and Live earlier this month.

On the after show, Danny Beard branded Henry and Jordan and their hot tub antics ‘Tory soup’, which was clearly hilarious.

During their press cycle after leaving the house in a video for Cosmopolitan UK, Jordan and Henry discussed the celebs who have entered their DMs after they came out of the house.

“I’ve had a lot of drag queens in my DMs,” explained Henry. “Some of my favourite RuPaul’s Drag Race queens messaging to say they’ve been fans.”

“One doesn’t like me,” Jordan says. “Or you.” Henry then says “Or me, yeah. Danny Beard said that the hot tub was Tory soup!” The two then burst out laughing, with Jordan going “I don’t even know what that means, but there we are. But drag queens mostly reaching out.”

Danny Beard makes no apologies of his anti-Tory stance – as he should. That’s the Liverpool way and why we love them so much. Danny Beard quoted the video of Big Brother finalists Jordan and Henry reacting to their comment on X, formerly known as Twitter, last night – and put a load of laughing faces and said “I’m dying”. As usual, the shade feels all in good spirits.

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