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Here’s exactly where you recognise Player 198 in Squid Game: The Challenge from

I can’t escape him

If you hadn’t quite got enough of Squid Game the first time round, you’re in luck as Squid Game: The Challenge is literally taking over Netflix right now. I can’t say I loved the original series, but this revamped game show sees a group of real-life contestants compete in a series of games in hopes of bagging a huge a $4.56 million money prize.

If you’ve already started watching, you may feel like you recognise the player – but where from, you ask?

Here’s exactly where you recognise Squid Game Player 198 from

With a total of 456 players in the game, you’ll have done well to recognise them all, but some viewers have recognised Player 198, also known as Husnain Asif.

Husnain is a prominent prankster and all round funny guy who shares loads of viral videos on TikTok. With 1.2 million followers on the platform, videos of him all over the world each rack up millions of views – for no apparent reason other than the fact he is just quite funny.

The accountancy graduate from the UK also has an impressive 97 million likes across his accounts, meaning if you haven’t already heard about him, you really must be living under a rock.

Husnain was actually doing quite well by episode two, managing to pass the games of red light, green light and the dalgona challenge but has now been eliminated.


Didnt feel like a big deal at the time. Proud dad moment #billieeilish

♬ Happier than ever – 🫶🏻🫶🏻

But unfortunately for the prankster, he got a taste of his own medicine after a telephone was placed in the dormitory. Husnain can be seen answering it twice, the first time resulting in him receiving a tray of food, but the second time, he’s told if he can’t get another player to pick up the phone, he will be eliminated

And of course Squid Game watchers will know, he ultimately failed to get another player to answer the phone and was therefore eliminated, meaning he had to kiss his dreams of the huge cash prize goodbye. But with all those followers, I think he’ll get by just fine.

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