JJ’s confirmed he and Ella slept together at MAFS homestays, despite previously denying

‘I feel the need to put the record straight’

JJ from MAFS UK has now confirmed that he and Ella did indeed get intimate on the show, despite previously denying and their lack of taking the relationship to the next stage being a difficult part of the relationship for Ella.

JJ has now spoken out about the fact he and Ella did actually sleep together during the homestays week on MAFS. He had previously vocally denied the fact the relationship ever got to that physical level.

Speaking to Mail Online, JJ opened up about the truth. He also confirmed he did indeed confirm with Ella that she was happy he speak to the press about their personal life before doing so. “We don’t want anything that’s not true to be out there so now I feel the need to put the record straight. We did take our relationship to the next level. It was during my homestay. the pressure was off a little bit because we were outside of the bubble and there wasn’t anyone else around us with their opinions.

“We had a bit of time away and it was a reassuring time in our relationship.” He said it felt natural ant not rushed, which made them comfortable to take the  next step.

JJ also spoke more about the vile homophobia he’s received for pursuing Ella, who is transgender, romantically. Anyone with sense knows this is ridiculous, because sexuality and gender identity are completely different things and trans women are women – so Ella is a woman. End of. JJ has the maturity to know this, saying “I don’t see it as a big thing, Ella is like any other woman I have ever been with, and I see Ella as a woman.”Am I bi now? No! I see Ella as a girl. I don’t know how many times I have to say that. The thing is everyone in the experiment saw Ella as a woman and a girl because that’s what she is.”

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