MAFS UK Adrienne Matt treehouse

Inside the whimsical Narnia-inspired treehouse Adrienne and Matt stayed in on MAFS UK

It can cost up to £650 per night

Last night on MAFS UK the couples had their final dates, with Adrienne and Matt staying in a stunning Narnia-inspired treehouse. The snippets we saw on the show looked gorgeous, with its own rope bridge, oak features and hot tub. Let’s look into where the treehouse is, how much it costs to stay and all the amazing features and amenities it offers.

The treehouse is set in Shotover Country Park in Oxford and is themed around Narnia. As for the reasoning behind the theme they said, “being lifelong CS Lewis fans, we felt privileged to honour him by dedicating the treehouse to his work.

“He himself was inspired by the magical Shotover Forest when he created Narnia. His garden was donated to the public and is now the CS Lewis reserve, a short stroll from the treehouse. So it just made sense.”

The treehouse offers 750 sqft of open plan space, and can host up to two adults and four children, or four adults. And if you’re a foodie then the retreat has you sorted. It is equipped with a Weber gas BBQ on the balcony, a microwave and electric hob in the treehouse and a second Weber BBQ by the bar. It also has a fridge, freezer and dishwasher. Or, if you’re not keen on doing any washing up you can even hire your own private chef to cook for you.

Whether you’re in the mood for relaxing or adventuring, there are lots of fun things for you to do. You can unwind in your own private jacuzzi or go through the wardrobe and straight onto your very own zipline. Who needs Narnia when a wardrobe can take you onto a zipline?!

Adrienne and Matt were seen enjoying the jacuzzi in the treehouse together on MAFS UK, and with how cold it is at the moment that sounds like an actual dream.

There are also lots of other wellness facilities on the grounds that you can enjoy including a woodland sauna, private swimming pool, tennis court, tiki bar, firepit and swings!

As for how much it costs to enjoy this stunning woodland escape? It ranges from £325 all the way up to £650 depending on the season and number of guests. You’re donating to an amazing cause however, as all profits from the treehouse go to the Congenital Anaemia Network and it’s reserved once a month for patients who suffer from a congenital anaemia condition.

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