Cosmetic surgery Laura had ahead of Married at First Sight UK 2023, MAFS

Laura spent £1,000 on cosmetic surgery and work ahead of Married at First Sight wedding

The procedures included having fat dissolved in her chin and lip filler

Married at First Sight UK bride Laura Vaughan spent around £1,000 on cosmetic surgery work and procedures ahead of her on-screen wedding to Arthur.

Laura and Arthur were matched by the experts on the show, and were one of the first weddings we saw take place. Laura, who loves the finer things in life and hanging around in Chelsea, being the icon that she is had to make sure she was glam for her big day, so splashed out on a few days of self care before walking down the aisle.

Ahead of her wedding on the show, Laura had fat dissolving in the chin area, and sugar plum lip filler. In the past she has visited the same clinic, and has had anti-wrinkle injections, dermal filler and skin boosters.

Laura went to The Contour Club in Hampshire. Fat dissolving procedures here start at £138 and sugar plum lip filler is £270. Depending on how much of the procedure you decide to get done, anti-wrinkle treatments start from £120, dermal filler from £234 and skin boosters from £24.

As well as this, Laura visited a skin clinic and had an algae peel treatment. She also had a personalised skincare created for her, “ensuring her skin is always camera-ready”. Depending on where you go for this treatment, it costs around £100, with extra for a personalised skincare routine.

This means, all together, Laura spent an estimated £1,000 on cosmetic work for the show. She’s been glowing!

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