We found old pictures of Laura from Married at First Sight and her transformation is incredible

Of course her old selfies are taken in Harvey Nichols

Old pictures of Laura before Married at First Sight show the huge transformation she has had ahead of becoming a huge character on the series.

Laura Jayne Vaughan is 34 and from Hampshire. Outside the show, she works as a finance manager, and has made it very clear she enjoys the finer things in life, hanging around in Chelsea and other London hotspots.

Her Instagram is very much an open book, and she’s left loads of old pictures of herself on there for us to enjoy. In one, she’s meeting her “hero and ultimate crush” Kit Harington, in nowhere else other than Harvey Nichols, and she looks totally different.

Old pictures of Laura Jayne Vaughan show her transformation before and after Married at First Sight UK 2023, MAFS

via Instagram @laurajayvaughan

Her vibe has obviously completely changed now, and the way she does her makeup has totally switched up. I can’t place what makes her look so wildly different to how we see her on the show, but she just does!

On the show, Laura revealed she had previously been married once. She was in a relationship for four years, and married for eight months, but not much is known about who her previous partner is.

Speaking to press ahead of the show, Laura said she wasn’t married for long and because of this felt she “didn’t get to explore married life”. She added that she hopes the wedding on MAFS will be more successful, and said: “No one wants to be divorced twice.”

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