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How the MAFS UK Experts pick out the fame hungry from those genuinely looking for love

Brad is a reality TV veteran at this point

The drama of Married At First Sight UK is never ending – we haven’t seen anything like it so early on in the series. I’m not sure about anyone else but if I hear anything else about that bloody spoon tonight, I am writing off Terence and Porscha’s marriage for good.

But with Ella and Nathanial’s turbulent honeymoon to Porscha taking the crown as the first person to ever arrive at the first dinner party alone, the chaos of this season is starting to leave viewers questioning the integrity of the cast, and whether they’re in it for the right reasons.

Since finding out that multiple brides and grooms in the MAFS cast were on reality TV before the show, we’re all questioning whether they’re genuinely looking for love, or whether this is another rung in the ladder on their way to being fame hungry celebs. Brad was previously on both Celebs Go Dating, where he went out with Charlotte Crosby, as well as appearing on ITV 2’s Dress To Impress so we get the suspicion he likes to be behind a camera. But it seems that it’s that’s the norm this season, with both Georges and Laura previously having a stint on Celebs Go Dating too.

People are since asking how these serial reality TV veterans made it onto the show and whether there actually is any consideration into the brides’ and grooms’ intentions. The MAFS UK Experts told The Tab about the vetting process behind the scenes and how they decide who will be wed each season.

Speaking about whether the cast truly wanted love, Expert Paul C Brunson said that this is “a question that comes up on every show.” He began by explaining why people want to go on the show, with it essentially boiling down to them wanting both status and love.

Paul told The Tab: “If you want to be on television, essentially you want more status. But I always respond and say, ‘Well, who doesn’t want more status?’. Like, would you like to be paid more? Would you like to be promoted? Would you like more people to read your pieces? All of those answers suggest that you want more status”.

He continued by explaining that it’s relatively normal and that we all want more status, so those that apply for the show are “no different to any of us”.

After establishing that, the next part of the process is determining whether applicants want love. Putting the status part aside, Paul explained that this is determined in the casting process, where applicants go through “months and months of vetting” to determine whether the team of Experts think they genuinely are looking for that romantic connection. The main question is: “Do they want love?”.

With casting already open for the 2024 series and next year’s mystery brides and grooms not marrying until January, there’s a lengthy process the applicants must get through to prove they’re marrying for the right reasons.

Sex and Intimacy Expert Charlene Douglas supported Paul’s points, telling The Tab that it’s not a quick procedure for the brides and grooms to go through. She said: “It’s quite a process to put yourself through. I think people have seen in the past episodes in the past few seasons, to know what it’s about now”.

She further added that those on the show for the wrong reasons will quickly be exposed during commitment ceremonies with herself and Experts Paul and Mel.

“When you’re in front of Paul, Mel and I, we will challenge you and you know, if you’re here for the wrong reasons that will become apparent. And there’s been no evidence, from what we’ve seen that anyone has been here other than because they want to find love.”

After Brad’s appearance on two TV shows prior to MAFS and Thursday’s teaser about their relationship appearing a little rocky, I’m unsure whether his love for Shona is totally black and white. Here’s to hoping it is.

MAFS UK 2023 continues tonight on E4. For more like this explainer on the MAFS cast being on reality TV before the show, like The Holy Church of MAFS on Facebook.

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