colin bridgerton glow up

Um, Colin Bridgerton just got high-key hot and people can’t get over his new transformation

We really did sleep on him and I regret it


Season three of Bridgerton is eagerly anticipated by us all, not only so we can catch up on the latest drama of the ton, but because we are all dying to see Colin Bridgerton’s glow up.

Set up to be Penelope’s love interest for season three, which is expected to drop early 2024 or spring 2024, fans have gone WILD over stills of Colin from the set of the new season and our jaws are on the floor. Truly.

But a Tweet showing videos of Luke Newton attending the Diesel Spring Summer 2024 show looking FIT have now added another layer to the obsession and has even kicked off a theory that Bridgerton is now mass producing the glow ups of its leading men. What’s even better is that he seems to be completely oblivious to the effect he’s having on us all.

I mean, it’s true that he looks nothing like his character in the Netflix show but I never knew he had the potential to look that good at all.

After the sorcery Shonda Rhimes worked on Anthony’s season one to season two glow up, we are all in awe of the show’s ability to transform characters from absolutely not to incredibly hot. I just don’t know how she does it. I mean obviously a major part of it is the ditching of the sideburns, but Anthony and Colin both look like they could be different men. Shona knows exactly what she’s doing and I’m here for it.

After these teasers, we are more than ready to see Colin steal the series. It really is his time to shine. Colin was never ugly, but it’s true that he slipped under the radar and was never one of the brothers we stole a second glance at. People are now so shocked by his new appearance that they’re actually calling his transformation “illegal”.

Fans have even been digging through Luke’s Instagram to build their case, highlighting the colour on his face and how the show is now embracing his natural curls. And his muscles, obviously. But they speak for themselves.

Fellow Bridgerton co-star and actress playing Colin’s love interest, Nicola Coughlan, has only added fuel to the fire, posting pictures of Luke where he looks nothing short of incredibly sexy. Let’s hope they lean into his natural assets as the show progresses. That beard looks great on him.

Are they beefing him up for the premier and promotions? Or is he coming into his own after two seasons of hiding in plain sight? Either way, I’m loving Colin Bridgerton and his glow up is exactly what this new season needed.

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