Try and stop crying to enjoy these 31 memes about Sex Education season four

Anyone want to join an Aimee and Adam fan club?

Well, that’s it. After four seasons, our fav beautiful show has come to an end. Sex Education has wrapped up, and if the show itself didn’t leave you feeling all kinds of ways, being reminded of season four through all the memes sure as hell will.

This season gave us closure with all the characters as they headed off to college. We had powerful storylines with how the cast adapted to college, with Otis faced with a new sex therapist and bumps in his friendship with Eric, Ruby finally breaking down her walls, Viv facing problems in a new relationship, Jackson having health anxiety and Aimee overall just being the best person to grace the screen. And of course, Adam was here to carry on being one of the best characters Netflix has ever had, overcoming everything with his dad.

It was a lot. Here are all the very best memes and reactions to Sex Education season four on Netflix. Try to enjoy them, whilst also crying that it’s all over.

1. Love her with all my heart

2. Two icons!

3. The BEST dynamic

4. Already, I’m crying again

5. I’m a bit sad about it

6. You can’t change my mind

Sex Education season four memes

7. 🥺

8. Gorgeous!

9. Can’t believe this is how it ends!

10. Aimee and Adam have always been and will always be, icons

11. So, so special!

12. I can’t believe they’re not actually related

13. Still thinking about this

14. Eric forever!!!!

15. He owns my heart

Sex Education season four memes

16. I thank Netflix for giving us Adam

17. I said what I said!

18. And she always will be

19. An angel x

20. Controversial!!!!

21. I beg!

22. Lol true

23. I can’t stop the tears!

24. God I love these two

25. This was art

26. The IT girl

27. For real

28. This scene was so satisfying

29. YES

30. So so true

31. My GIRL

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