All of the easter eggs you might have missed in Olivia Rodrigo’s new album GUTS

Apparently ANOTHER song is also about Taylor Swift??

On Friday, Olivia Rodrigo released her second album GUTS and it was a huge day for all the teenage girls in their twenties. The album contains possibly some of the most heartbreaking lyrics I’ve ever heard but since its release, fans have been speculating about what each song is about and all the easter eggs that can be found within it.

Olivia is known for leaving easter eggs and writing songs about her own experiences. In an interview with The Guardian though, she said she doesn’t ever plan to reveal the subjects of her songs. “I mean, I never want to say who any of my songs are about,” she said. “I’ve never done that before in my career and probably won’t. I think it’s better to not pigeonhole a song to being about this one thing.”

But that doesn’t stop fans from speculating who and what all the songs are about. Recently, people have already been speculating whether vampire” is about her so-called feud with Taylor Swift.

So here are all the Olivia Rodrigo easter eggs and hidden meanings you might have missed in her new album GUTS:

People think ‘the grudge’ is also about Taylor Swift

Since she released the album’s first single “vampire”, people have been speculating about whether the song is actually about a feud with Taylor Swift. Fans believe this feud started after Olivia had to pay 50 per cent of royalties to Taylor Swift due to similarities between “deja vu” and “Cruel Summer”.

But now people also think that 10th song on the album, “the grudge”, is also about Taylor Swift. In “the grudge”, Olivia sings about having her “trust betrayed” by someone close to her after a phone call meant her “entire world was changed”.

People are speculating that the betrayal she sings about in “the grudge” is about Taylor Swift since Olivia Rodrigo has called Taylor her idol in the past.

‘all american bitch’ is inspired by a book by Joan Didion

The opening song on the album, “all american bitch”, is inspired by an essay written by Joan Didion. Talking to PEOPLE, Olivia said: “It comes from the essay that she wrote about hippies in San Francisco and running away from home,” she explained.

“One of the runaways was talking about his mom back home and said that she was an ‘all-American bitch.’ I was like, ‘Wow, that’s so cool.’ It’s such a provocative set of words. I sat down the next day at the piano and wrote all american bitch. You never know the trajectory a song is going to take.”

‘lacy’ is apparently about Sabrina Carpenter or Gracie Abrams

There are a lot of rumours and speculation about who the song “lacy” is about. One theory is that it’s about her close friend Gracie Abrams. Gracie opened for Olivia on her SOUR tour but has also recently opened for Taylor Swift on her Era’s Tour. Why is everyone so connected?

The biggest clue that it’s about her are the lyrics “Like ribbons in your hair” since Gracie is known for wearing her hair in ribbons. But there are also other references, including the fact that Lacy rhymes with Gracie.

But fans are also speculating that the song could actually be about Sabrina Carpenter. Of course, Olivia has written about Sabrina before in “drivers license” and also “traitor” after the love triangle drama with her ex and High School Musical: The Musical:The series co-star Josh Bassett.

The ribbons lyrics also apply to her and as for the description “Bardot reincarnate,” Sabrina is known for her resemblance to the actor and model Brigitte Bardot and has even recreated some of the her historic photoshoots. The infatuation that Olivia sings about, fans have pointed out, seems similar to her obsession with Sabrina Carpenter after all the Josh Bassett drama.

The ‘bad idea right?’ music video features lyrics from ‘love is embarrassing’

In the music video to “bad idea right?”, a phone call can be seen from a contact named “loser not worth mentioning” which was obviously later revealed to be a lyric from the album track “love is embarrassing”.

The ‘bad idea right?’ music video also contains easter eggs to hidden songs

As far as Olivia Rodrigo easter eggs go, the “bad idea right?” music video is absolutely full of them. In an interview on CapitalFM, Olivia said that towards the end of the music video, lots of easter eggs are hidden. And fans have decoded that they are skateboards on the wall, a poster and a guitar case all featuring song titles for additional tracks featured on the vinyl variants of the album. The purple vinyl has a song called “girl i’ve always been”, the black vinyl and red have a song called “obsessed”, white has “scared of my guitar”, and blue has “stranger”.

It is still unclear whether these extra songs will stay vinyl-exclusive or will later be released digitally in a deluxe album but I need to hear them all ASAP!

‘logical’ is about her relationship with Zack Bia

The seventh song on the album, “logical”, explores red flags in a past relationship and is apparently about her past relationship with Zack Bia who she dated for a couple of months in 2022. Zack Bia, is a 27-year-old DJ and record label founder who began dating Olivia in February of last year but reportedly broke up in August.

In the song, Olivia sings about being “too young” for the relationship and how she fell for them like “falls from the February sky.” With the seven year gap between the two, fans are sure that this song is about him.

Omg an easter egg about a tour?

In the making the bed lyric video, there is a shot of a ticket to an Olivia Rodrigo “GUTS World Tour” meaning we might be getting a tour announcement very soon. Getting prepped to fight to the death for tickets as we speak!

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