Paul Mescal

Omg, Paul Mescal was spotted bouncing around in a mosh pit at All Points East Festival

I fear I would simply pass away if I was there

Paul Mescal has had the girlies in a chokehold ever since he wore that silly little chain in Normal People in 2020. From his whirlwind relationship with Phoebe Bridgers to his relatable post-Oscars chicken nugget stop, the whole world just wants to marry him.

But as well as breaking everyone’s hearts in Normal People and Aftersun, Paul also loves a good boogie at a festival. He was seen whipping out the moves at Coachella last year and joked at the Oscars he wanted to dance on the table at the Vanity Fair after-party.

But at the weekend, Paul was spotted having the absolute BEST time in a mosh pit at All Points East Festival at Victoria Park, East London. All Points East is a 10-day festival with a 40,000 capacity. This year’s headliners included Stormzy, The Strokes, Dermot Kennedy and Haim.

But also playing at the festival was Nell Mescal, Paul’s younger sister. Nell Mescal is a 20-year-old singer-songwriter who, honestly looks just as cool as her older brother. She left home at 17 to pursue her music career and now has five singles out and has played lots of smaller festivals this summer. Paul Mescal was seen supporting his sister in the crowd during her set at All Point’s East.

Here are all the Paul Mescal sightings at All Points East this year, including him having the best time ever in the mosh pit at girl in red.

He’s having the best time ever and I’m happy for him


why is paul mescal in the girl in red pit #allpointseast

♬ original sound – 🐈

Let’s get one thing straight, I’m going absolutely feral over this video. Paul Mescal in a mosh pit was not on my 2023 bingo card. We already know Paul had an elite music taste since he’s constantly sharing Mitski songs on his Insta stories, but moshing to girl in red? Kinda iconic. He also not only looks like he’s joining in but he looks like he’s leading the whole thing. King. Using the Normal People audio has kind of broken me though. I can feel another rewatch coming.

Why can’t this be me


i could make so many variations of these😭 london is not a real place #paulmescal

♬ ABBY USED MY SOUND – livinonthedancefloor💋

I cannot be happy for these people because I’m angry I wasn’t there.

Not the boing boing noises

He’s so bouncy!

Gotta go fast


Who wants to see the vid of Paul doing his fly up lol #ape #allpointseast #paulmescal

♬ original sound – Pete

He’s got the shades on and he’s running across the festival on a mission. Wish he was running to me x

Sibling bonding


when you didn’t realise Paul & Nell Mescal were in the crowd for Joesef and you accidentally film them 🙈 #paulmescal #nellmescal #allpointseast #joesef

♬ original sound – Emily ✨

Paul and Nell were spotted in the crowd watching Scottish singer Joesef’s set. Genuinely can’t decide which Mescal sibling I want to be more.

I would simply die on the spot

I, too, would have the same reaction if he walked by me at a festival.

Featured image via Fred Duval on Shuttershock and TikTok.

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