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‘Self-victimisation and lies’: Rodger Cleye responds to sexual harassment allegations

‘Thanks for not jumping on the hate wagon’

Last week, famous TikToker Rodger Cleye, known for singing covers of famous songs and featuring in millions of fan edits, was accused of sexual harassment by a 19-year-old girl.

In a statement on TikTok titled “My truth”, 19-year-old TikToker Olivia McCraw accused Cleye of sexual harassment after she claims he tried to kiss her and “started to rub my back continuously which I was not comfortable with.”

58-year-old Rodger Cleye also allegedly went to the toilet with the door open, had a picture of Olivia as his lockscreen and sent her videos of him in the bath.

Rodger’s TikTok account was initially taken down but was restored over the weekend. Since then, he’s continued with his usual live videos.

But in a video posted yesterday boasting the number of viewers and likes on his live, he has publicly acknowledged the allegations for the first time. He said: “Hey everybody it’s Rodger Cleye and I just wanted to thank you all on 1,100 live viewers last night coming in and showing your support and offering 50,000 likes.”

He continued: “Thanks for not jumping on the hate wagon and I’m glad you were able to see through the self-seeking attention party and the self-victimisation and the lies that are surrounding this. So, again, I appreciate your support. I’m going to continue singing for you as I always have and thanks again.”

Since this video, Rodger has resumed with his regular singing videos with covers of Champagne Problems and August by Taylor Swift. He also plugged his new “Cleyemate” merch range which is now available.

In a screen recording of one of Rodger’s live streams titled “Rodger Cleye is back???”, the 58-year-old can be seen in a cowboy hat crying and singing the song Iris by Goo Goo Dolls.

Comments on the live stream include: “Take accountability for your actions” and “We trusted you”.

In another live stream at 3am, Rodger sang the song Best of Intentions by Travis Tritt which features lyrics such as “So here I am asking forgiveness and praying that you’ll understand” and “No matter how much I do wrong that I had the best of intentions all along”.

One TikToker called this a “Colleen Ballinger type singing apology.”

Since releasing her initial statement and subsequent videos showing screenshots of messages between herself and Rodger, Olivia McCraw paused posting on TikTok.

But over the weekend, she posted a snippet of an original song called “T.M.T.H” with lyrics including “Maybe it’s too much to handle, maybe you think it’s the scandal.”


Currently trying to put my thoughts into writing. It isn’t great right now, but its my therapy. Im not feeling emotionally ok so i apologize if im quiet and voice cracking. Here is a piece of my song called “T.M.T.H.” #oliviamccraw #fyp #music #healing #originalmusic #whatwasimadefor

♬ original sound – Olivia McCraw

In the caption of the video she said: “Currently trying to put my thoughts into writing. It isn’t great right now, but it’s my therapy. I’m not feeling emotionally ok so I apologise if I’m quiet and my voice is cracking. Here is a piece of my song called T.M.T.H.”

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