You can’t sit with us: The UK’s coolest unis right now, according to Google Trends

Spoiler alert: York is OUT

On A-Level Results Day, whilst a lot of students will get their first choice uni and head off to live out their dreams, a lot of students will end up in Clearing.

Picking which uni to go to when you’re in the Clearing process is a hard decision. You might pick your uni based on league tables, how close it is to home or how good the city is for a night out. But what about just how cool it is?

It’s no secret that some unis are cooler than others. Whenever I see a vibey Manchester or Leeds uni photo it makes me desperately want to drop everything, head straight to UCAS and go there. But what actually are the coolest unis right now? Based on Google Trends, we had a look to see which is the most searched and talked about uni in the UK.

So if you’re tired of scrolling league tables and still struggling to decide which uni to go to, here are the coolest unis in the UK you can go to right now.

12. Cardiff

With search up by 110 per cent, Cardiff University is one of the coolest unis in the UK right now.

Cardiff currently has a whopping 246 courses available in Clearing so you’re in luck if you’re wanting to cash in on the trend.

11. UCL

The first of three London unis on this list, UCL is the 11th coolest uni in the UK with search also up by 110 per cent.

It might be one of the most sought after unis right now but according to new research, London has a shortage of over 106,000 student beds meaning it might be tricky to sort your accommodation once your offer is confirmed.

10. Manchester

With search up 111 per cent, Manchester is surprisingly low on this list taking the spot as the 10th coolest uni in the UK right now.

With alumni such as Brian Cox and Benedict Cumberbatch, it’s easy to see why Manchester is so popular.

9. Loughborough

Typically known as the sporty uni, searches for Loughborough Uni are up 112 per cent making it the 9th most popular UK uni.

Loughborough has 39 different courses on offer in Clearing including subjects such as economics, geography and physics.

8. City

Another London uni, search for City, University of London is up by 130 per cent.

Whilst City is mostly known for its journalism courses. There are also plenty of other courses in Clearing including computer science, criminology, and law.

7. Aston

With search up by 140 per cent, Aston University is based in Birmingham and apparently is one of the most desirable unis in the UK right now.

Aston has plenty of courses available in Clearing right now including business, engineering and law.

6. Warwick

Search for The University of Warwick is up by 143 per cent in the last 24 hours making it the sixth coolest uni in the UK as of right now.

Actually located in Coventry, Ruth Jones who plays Ness from Gavin and Stacey went to Warwick which definitely makes it a little bit cooler.

5. Bath

With search up by 145 per cent, Bath is the fifth most popular uni in the UK right now.

Besides from being a beautiful city, Bath has a large number of notable sports alumni including some Olympic medallists.

4. Bristol

Definitely known as a vibey uni, search for Bristol is up by 146 per cent in the last 24 hours. This makes it the fourth most popular uni in the UK right now.

3. Queen Mary University of London

The coolest uni in London, searches for Queen Mary University London are up by 150 per cent in the last day.

Located in East London, Queen Mary Uni is part of the Russell Group and has produced alumni such as Queen’s drummer Rodger Taylor.

2. Liverpool

Definitely with a stereotype of being one of the cooler unis, Google Trends supports this with search for Liverpool up by 160 per cent in the last day. This means that Liverpool uni is the second coolest uni in the UK right now.

In terms of Clearing, Liverpool has no courses available to UK students but over 5oo different courses for international students.

1. Birmingham

The University of Birmingham is officially the coolest uni in the UK with searches up by a massive 250 per cent in the last day.

And if you’re wanting a chance to go to the coolest uni in the UK, Birmingham also has plenty of courses available in Clearing this year. There are 244 courses available such as engineering, history, and classics.

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