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Remembering DJ Casper: Everything he did after the iconic Cha Cha Slide

Lets take it back now, y’all

DJ Casper truly changed the game when he introduced the world to his iconic Cha Cha Slide. It quickly became the go-to anthem for every house party, school disco and cheesy nightclub everywhere, as we all collectively slid to the left and took it back now, y’all. Now, fans are devastated to hear how DJ Casper died earlier this week on August 6th. Casper, real name Willie Perry Jr, was obviously most known for his classic hit Cha Cha Slide, but following the news of his death, we’re remembering everything he did since releasing the famous song.

So, what did the Cha Cha Slide DJ do next?

After releasing Cha Cha Slide, or Casper Slide Pt. 1, in 1998 for his nephew, DJ Casper used the popularity of the first song to launch the second, Casper Slide Pt. 2, in August 2000. This time, the tune was picked up by an expert radio programming leader in Chicago, where it was then picked up by Universal Records.

But that’s not all. DJ Casper then went on to work on another worldwide anthem in 2004, Oops Upside Your Head, sapling The Gap Band’s song. Known as the tune everyone requests at weddings, gatherings or anywhere vibey. The tune quickly became widely known – you might more commonly know it from being forced to sit on the floor and pretend to row a ten person long boat at weddings.

Since the release of Cha Cha Slide, DJ Casper admitted on Chicago Tonight that he had gotten fed up with the tune, but that he hadn’t gotten sick of people enjoying themselves to it.

He featured on an episode of Orange Is the New Black

What you also might not have noticed is that in 2018, DJ Casper featured in an episode of Orange Is the New Black alongside equally iconic character, Crazy Eyes. In her hallucinations, she sees Casper DJ’ing the Cha Cha slide, while prisoners and guards line dance. It’s arguably the best scene of the season.

He was diagnosed with cancer in 2016

In January 2016, DJ Casper was diagnosed with kidney cancer and neuroendocrine cancer and after an unsuccessful surgery in the same month, he began chemotherapy. In 2018, he stated in an interview he was in remission. Shortly after in 2019, Casper announced he’d beaten both liver and kidney cancers and had become a changed man, claiming “that was God’s way of just slowing me down just a little bit.”. He used Cha Cha Slide to raise money for cancer charities following his diagnosis.

We can remember him as the legend who brought us the iconic Cha Cha Slide and all the fun that came with it.

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