Guys, someone is selling the actual Prank Patrol van on Facebook Marketplace

Does anyone want to lend me £10k? x

In the biggest blast from the past literally ever, the actual van from your favourite TV show as a child, Prank Patrol, is being sold on Facebook Marketplace.

Growing up the show was honestly the highlight of my after-school TV watching binge session along with other CBBC classics like Stupid and Trapped. But nothing quite topped watching kids living out your fantasy of pulling off epic pranks on their friends or family.

The show was presented by Barney Harwood who was lowkey fit and probably your first ever celebrity crush. You definitely knew at least one person from your school who had been on the show and they were the original BNOC of the playground.

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I’d literally not thought the show for probably going on a decade, let alone whatever happened to the van itself, but in case you wondered where it was, it’s in Milton Keynes and is up for sale.

The van was sold in 2013 after the BBC’s Television Centre, where the van was kept, closed after 53 years of use.

The Marketplace listing shows loads of the pictures of the van and whilst the back of it has been completely gutted so it wont be getting up to any pranks anytime soon, the exterior decor and the purple drivers with the show’s logo on it are both still completely intact.

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In the listing the current owner said he is only selling it so that he can use the money to take his little boy on holiday to Florida. First the Prank Patrol van and now a Disneyland trip? That’s the luckiest kid ever. How bloody wholesome.

If you’d like to be the next owner of this time capsule of our collective childhood then the van will set you back £9,000 but for only 13,000 miles, that’s a bargain. You can see the listing of the van here.

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