A couple have already SPLIT! Plus iconic challenge axed ahead of the Love Island 2023 final

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The babies challenge has been axed, and I’m not mad about it

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I’m sure not that many people will be annoyed to learn the babies challenge has been axed. Yep, Love Island’s most annoying episode to date has been pulled after nine years. For the first time, we won’t see the couples tasked with looking after crying dolls for a day.

An insider told The Sun: “It’s not happening this year – but the show has seen loads of new tasks and challenges that fans have loved.”

Weeks later, Montel has finally spilled what happened on the ‘not PG’ night in Casa Amor with Tink

After weeks of not giving us anything with what happened, Montel has finally shared what happened during the “not PG” night in bed between himself and Tink. Montel cracked on with Tink during Casa Amor, and when he stayed loyal and returned to Leah, she was shocked to find out something happened.

Speaking on the Fancy A Chat? podcast hosted by Toby from 2021, Montel said Tink had made out like a lot more happened than what actually did. He explained he and Tink went to bed on the day they had kissed, and by this point Montel had decided he wanted to stay with Leah, but hadn’t had a chance to tell Tink.

He said Tink rolled over in bed and kissed him. “I’m not going to push her away,” he said. “We’re not having this conversation in bed. I can’t push her off, I’ve already kissed her. So we just kissed a bit in bed. There was nothing mad not PG, there was a bit of touching and that’s about it really.”

Love Island 2023

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Montel also said none of the boys wanted to get to know Amber because she was so young

Also speaking with Toby, Montel said the reason none of the boys wanted to get to know 19-year-old Amber was because they all felt she was too young.

“Amber was cute but she was obviously 19,” he said. Toby said her being “bare young” was a “big thing” and Montel agreed, saying the guys in the villa all felt she was “too young”.

Someone’s found a video of Ella’s ex… and he looks spookily like Ty

Someone has dug out a video of Ella with her ex from before Love Island, and everyone can’t help but notice he looks eerily like Tyrique.

In an old video of her trying on some clothes, her ex shows up the background for a bit. “He literally looks like Tyrique,” said one person in the comments. “She did say Ty was her type!” someone else pointed out. Fair!

Apparently the Islanders got access to the internet in the villa?!

Love Island 2023

via Reddit

According to Reddit, Catherine said in a live that some of the Islanders managed to bypass the villa phone rules and get onto the internet. Of course, the Islanders aren’t allowed access to the outside world whilst in the villa, so the phones they have don’t have access to the internet.

But apparently after Mehdi was dumped, some of the Islanders jailbroke their phones “but nobody snitched”. Interesting!!!!

Catherine and Elom have split!!

Love Island 2023

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It’s over! According to reports, Catherine and Elom have already split up, just days after leaving the villa. An insider told The Sun they barely saw each other, but “kept up a pretence” whilst doing interviews.

The said: “The pair struggled to make it work in the real world and barely saw each other since the show ended. They kept up a bit of a pretence, while they did the podcast circuit, but everyone knew it was over before it even really started. Catherine’s sister made no secret about her feelings towards Elom so it’s no surprise she cooled things off straight away.”


Despite this, Scott said there’s ‘no going back’ with Catherine

It might feel as though the stars are aligned because Catherine has split with Elom just as Scott was dumped, but it looks as though there isn’t a chance of a Scott and Catherine reunion.

Speaking in his exit interview from the villa, Scott said there’s “no going back” with Catherine. Speaking about Casa Amor, he said: “I spoke to Gabby a bit but chose to stay loyal to Catherine. She didn’t do the same thing but hopefully it works out for her. Once the situation is put to bed for me, it’s done and there is no going back.”

Elom also posted this on TikTok, make of it what you will:

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