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Ranking the Love Islanders by who came out looking worse at the Grafties

A woeful night for Mitchel

Just when you thought movie night was over for another year, the Love Island producers came through with a mad one – the Grafties. We were tweeting ROLL THE TAPES. Mitchel and Abi argued and shouted ROLL THE TAPES. Well, nobody can say the tapes were not well and truly rolled. Tables were flipped on their head and truths came to light, and hardly anyone came out unscathed. Here’s a thorough ranking of all the Islanders based on how bad they came out looking after the inaugural Love Island Grafties.

12. Molly

I actually felt really sorry for Molly in the Grafties. The video evidence that her and Zach discussed not proper snogging anyone and the fact he and Kady did it anyway was awful, and it was really sad to see her watching it back and clearly being upset. I’m not a fan of The Marsh in particular but this wasn’t nice.

11. Scott


10. Lochan

A mature man. Husband material. Of course he looked gossipy but aren’t we all! To say you can’t gossip with your partner would be ridiculous – why would Lochan be more loyal to pigging Tyrique than Whitney? Be for real.

9. Whitney

Whitney can never do wrong in my eyes, but it’s fair to say she looked bad in the eyes of the group for the Zach pie video rolling. She handles herself amazing though – especially in the way she shuts down Tyrique with endless class and wit. Or whit, if you allow me the pun.


8. Ella B

There’s a deep agg inside Ella B, like she’s just gagging to have it out with Ella T for some reason. Also she’s standing by Mitche for some reason, so she’s not looking great for that even if she was pretty uninvolved last night.

7. Sammy

Not the worst night for Sammy, but he always handles things in an evil way that just makes him come out looking bad when he hasn’t even done anything that wrong.

6. Abi

Look, I always thought Abi was a bit ruthless on Mitchel because she was doing the same thing with Scott when he was out of the villa. She picked and chose her outrage and I think the footage from the Love Island Grafties showed she wasn’t 100 per cent honest. That being said she’s coming within the middle because I think she’s getting a really rough ride on the show now and think everyone needs to leave off her.

5. Zachariah

Yeah… Not great. The nervous laugh he keeps citing? I’d get rid of that ASAP before you cause any more heartbreak darlin’!

4. Jess

Love Jess with all my heart and soul but no one can come out looking very good when you’re literally saying you flirted to make someone else jealous…

3. Ella

Despite Ella absolutely smashing the shutting down of any argument with Ella B – which I love her for – her silence on Ty’s behaviour is getting worse and worse. He’s been so rude, literally telling women to shut up, to your three best girl friends of this season. Catherine, Jess AND Whitney have now all been disrespected and Ella has not yet said a word. Not a good look for her.

2. Tyrique

The emotional range of a tea spoon. A petulant year 11 16 year old boy.


1. Mitchel

What the absolute hell is going on with Mitchel? I used to enjoy his chaos but last night it was bordering on needs-to-be-kicked-out behaviour. Just mean and spiteful, so many words to say but none of them relevant or worth mentioning. He will go down in history as one of the most unlikable Islanders ever.

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