Is it all over for Scott and Abi? And the result of the vote sees two Islanders DUMPED tonight

‘It was one of the most dramatic dumpings yet and there were lots of tears’

Tonight on Love Island the Islanders are really feeling the results of the dramatic Grafties Awards, plus things are looking sour for Abi and Scott. Oh, and not to mention the public voted for a favourite couple last night, and two Islanders are being dumped!

We see Islanders discussing what went down last night, and add the end of the episode tonight “one of the most dramatic dumpings yet” takes place – which has reportedly left multiple Islanders in tears, and a dumped Islander extremely pissed off.

Lochan and Whitney are left frustrated following their exchange with Tyrique during The Grafties. Tyrique is speaking with Lochan and says: “I shouldn’t have spoken to her like that. I would like to apologise for coming at Whitney in front of you as that was disrespectful. As soon as I spoke to Whitney like that, I felt bad.”

Love Island 2023

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Tyrique is keen to make amends with Whitney. Tyrique says: “Whitney, can I pull you quickly please?” Whitney says: “No. What do you think this is – the Ty show?”

Ella B has questions for Mitch after watching a video of him expressing he didn’t think the pair would work on the outside. Speaking at the fire pit with Mitch, Ella B says: “Why did you say that? I want to know why you said it at that time. Me and you are so, so good now and obviously hearing that does hurt me Mitch.” Mitch says: “Since that video that you’ve seen, it’s been nearly two weeks of just me and you.”

Love Island 2023

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Later, Mitch and Scott have a conversation about their exchange during Mitch’s acceptance speech at The Grafties. Mitch says: “Firstly, I was sat up there taking the piss a bit but don’t call me a knobhead in front of everyone – that was embarrassing.” Scott says: “But you were taking the piss a little bit.”

Later in the episode, Scott and Abi are ~~ again ~~ discussing their relationship. Keen to find out where their relationship is heading, Abi says: “I am interested in getting to know you but I don’t feel it from you. If we were to leave it now, I’m not going to cry. I am not going to be upset about it.” Scott says: “I feel like this is the last moment where I need to commit one way or the other.” Is it all over?

Love Island 2023

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And of course, the public votes are IN. Abi receives a text which reads: “Can all Islanders gather around the fire pit immediately.” Sitting at the fire pit, it’s revealed that the public have been voting for the most compatible couple. The three couples with the least votes are revealed and are asked to stand in front of the rest of the Islanders.

But which three couples have received the fewest votes and are therefore at risk of being dumped from the island? The Sun is reporting two Islanders have already been dumped – and their exits have sent shockwaves through the villa.

An insider said: “No one was expecting the result of the dumping. There was a lot of very shocked faces. It was one of the most dramatic dumpings yet and there were lots of tears. The man in the couple was pretty angry about being sent home, before accepting his fate, while the woman cried her eyes out.”


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