Emma Raducanu boyfriend Carlo Agostinelli

Billionaire parents and Ivy League sport: Meet Emma Raducanu’s boyfriend Carlo Agostinelli

His sister was on Made in Chelsea!!

Obv, first and foremost, Emma Raducanu is a sportswoman: first British woman to win a Grand Slam singles title since 1977, 20-years-old, accepted to study at Cambridge— all in all, seriously impressive. But (guilty) because we’re human and nosy, we’re interested in Emma’s personal life, too, and her new boyfriend is seriously intriguing.

Emma has been soft-launching billionaire heir Carlo Agostinelli on her socials for literal months now. A hand here, a side of his face there. Her followers are saying he looks like a “young Rafa Nadal”. Plus, they’ve been spotted together from London to Mexico City. So, here’s everything you need to know about Emma’s boujee new boyfriend:

He’s 23-years-old and was head boy at Harrow School

You already know Carlo’s boujee without even learning anything about his family because he’s Harrow School alumni, where the fees cost over £15,000 per term. On top of attending the private boarding school, Carlo was actually also the head boy, which basically gives him eternal clout in the right social circles.

His dad is a billionaire banker and they’re seriously living large

Carlo’s dad is Robert Agostinelli who is worth $1 billion, once tried to buy Liverpool football club and is close friends with George Bush and Nicolas Sarkozy. He’s the chairman and co-founder of private equity firm Rhône Group and previously worked at Jacob Rothschild bank in Switzerland and Goldman Sachs. Wild.

His mum is the Public Relations Manager at Dior Couture

Carlo’s mum, Mathilde Favier-Meyer, is Public Relations Manager at Dior Couture. So, it makes total sense that Emma’s first public appearance after having triple surgery on her ankle and wrists was at Dior’s 2024 Cruise show in Mexico City, where she attended as the brand’s global ambassador. The web is webbing.

He studied at Stanford and is really good at football

It makes total sense that Emma would go out with somebody into sports. And it looks like Carlo is gifted at football (soccer) as he regularly posted content from the pitch at Stanford University where he studied International Relations until his gradation this summer.

“To my Stanford teammates, you guys have been my everything for the last 4 years. Competing alongside my brothers is something I will remember for the rest of my life,” he wrote on Instagram.

His sister used to be on Made in Chelsea and dated Jamie Laing

Remember Heloise from Made in Chelsea?! The French model who Jamie Laing dated who was close friends with Habbs until she started dating her ex a matter of months after they’d ended things?! Well, that’s Carlo’s sister and Emma was seen hanging out with her at Paris Fashion Week this year.

And tbh, we have Heloise to thank for one of the most legendary Made in Chelsea moments of all time when Sophie Hermann (who is really close with Heloise) told Habbs to stop talking after she confessed her feelings for Jamie with one of the most iconic put downs in the show’s history: “I’m sorry I don’t speak snake”.

Looking back on the argument after the show aired, Sophie doubled down, telling the MailOnline: “Heloise was was very close friends with Habbs, pouring her heart out to her for months and months after she and Jamie split.” Needless to say, we’ve never seen Heloise on reality TV again. Good for her.

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