Meet Elys: The ski instructor and model from Too Hot To Handle season five on Netflix

She’s mates with Love Islanders!

We’re back! Another season of Too Hot To Handle has hit Netflix, and one of the cast members being spoken about the most is a girl called Elys. She’s in the centre of drama and love triangles, which is everything the show is all about.

But who exactly is Elys, and why does she have the Too Hot To Handle guys in a chokehold? Here’s everything you need to know about Elys Hutchinson, from Too Hot To Handle season five.

Elys Hutchinson from Too Hot To Handle season five on Netflix

via Netflix

Too Hot To Handle star Elys Hutchinson is 23, and is half British and half Swiss

Elys is 23, and on Too Hot To Handle tells her co-stars she’s half British and half Swiss. Elys was raised Lausanne, Switzerland, and works as a model and a ski instructor. Her Instagram describes her life as “ski instructor in winter, THTH in summer” – which sounds like a good gig, to be honest.

Elys has been on skis pretty much her whole life, saying she started the sport when she was a baby. She’s also been in the modelling game for a decade, after signing to her first agency aged just 13.

In an interview, Elys said she’d wanted to that career since she was five years old, after a family friend told her she should be a model. “When I was 13, I decided to try out and Profile Models in London signed me immediately,” she said.

Elys Hutchinson from Too Hot To Handle season five on Netflix

via Instagram @elys_hutchinson

She’s a main character on Too Hot To Handle

On the show, Elys hasn’t exactly waited around to break Lana’s rules. She found herself at the centre of a love triangle, with Hunter and Alex.

Her show bio reads: “Elys has broken nearly every bone in her body while skiing, but she’s broken just as many hearts! Split between the runway and the slopes, Elys is the perfect blend of tomboy and girly girl. Ibiza, Switzerland and London’s loss is Lana’s gain. Elys is in her element flirting with an international roster, but with so much off the table, things could go downhill after Lana’s arrival.”

She already has over 30k followers on Instagram

Elys Hutchinson from Too Hot To Handle season five on Netflix

via Instagram @elys_hutchinson

The show has only just dropped, and already Elys has over 30k followers on Instagram. You can tell she’s a model and has a management, as her feed is a dream. It’s clean aesthetically, and is all modelling shoots and pictures of her on holiday.

Clearly Elys loves travelling, having recently visited destinations such as Ibiza, Mallorca and Mykonos. Her feed is a big vibe. Elys’ Instagram handle is @elys_hutchinson.

Elys was also big on TikTok before her Too Hot To Handle fame

Elys was posting a lot on TikTok before the Netflix show, and her videos have had over 300k likes. She shares a lot of day in the life style videos, as well as outfit checks, and behind the scenes of her modelling shoots.

She’s mates with Love Islanders!

Also on her TikTok, Elys has shared she’s close mates with previous Islanders. In one video, she’s on a night out with Harley Brash, from the 2019 series. The girls are side eyeing each other as the video says: “When Love Island season five meets Too Hot To Handle season five.” The girls are clearly close in real life, as the clip is captioned: “Love you really” with a love heart.

Season five of Too Hot To Handle is available on Netflix now. For all the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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