Inside the incredibly vibey Instagrams of The Summer I Turned Pretty cast

They all love a photo dump

The first three episodes of The Summer I Turned Pretty season two has finally dropped on Amazon Prime and die-hard fans can finally catch up on what’s been going down at Cousins Beach.

Season two follows Belly as she navigates the final days of her junior year at high school following the death of Susannah and as she flunks her grades.

You have probably already binged the first three episodes by now so why not have a nosey at what the cast are actually all like in real life? Here’s a look inside the incredibly vibey Instagrams of The Summer I Turned Pretty cast.

Lola Tung

Lola Tung stars as Belly in TSITP and she has it all from two brothers fighting over her to spending summers at Cousins Beach.

Lola is 20 years old and her Instagram is flawless. While she only has 73 posts on her feed, they’re nothing short of beach girly core. Lola often posts photo dumps of her travels, trips away and behind the scenes photos of TSITP cast.

Christopher Briney

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Chris Briney stars as Conrad in TSITP, the mysterious elder brother than Belly has been obsessed with since she was a child.

Chris was the cool guy aesthetic down to a tee with film camera pics and modelling shots to last a lifetime.  Everyone wants to be him and everyone wants be with him! What more could you want?

You can see all of Chris’ cool pics on his Instagram here.

Gavin Casalegno

Gavin plays Conrad’s younger brother, Jeremiah, who is left heartbroken by the revelation that Belly is in love with his brother inside of him.

Gavin has a ton of photos on his Instagram and his feed his surfer dude galore. Whether it’s a snap of him at the beach catching a tan or wearing the latest American Eagle line, he is a vibe.

Sean Kaufman

Sean only has 10 photos on his Instagram and definitely has the whole too cool for Instagram vibe going on.

Sean’s Instagram is a mix of photos from the set of The Summer I Turned Pretty or selfies from the late 2010s.

Rain Spencer

Rain stars as Taylor in The Summer I Turned Pretty and at times is the best friend we wish we had but also at times she’s the best friend our parents always warned us about.

Rain’s Instagram is full of good vibes and top notch pics. Her feed is full of pics of her in the 0.5 setting, behind the scenes pics from TSITP and some truly stunning selfies.

David Iacono

David may only have 60 photos on his Instagram but it’s enough to prove he is just as wholesome as his character in The Summer I Turned Pretty.

David’s Instagram is full of selfies that you’d probably only send to your nearest and dearest as well as photos with his friends and families and of course behind the scenes pics from the set of the show.

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Featured image credit via Instagram @lola.tung, @gavincasalengo and @nynarain.