Gossip Girl then and now

Gossip Girl transformations: This is how different the cast look 15 years later

The upper east siders are back on Netflix!

Gossip Girl is back on Netflix and everyone is about to spend their hot girl summer bingeing the trials and tribulations of the privileged teenagers on the upper east side. Serena van Woodsen her her upper east side possy dominated The CW for six years and 15 years on form its debut – they all look completely different.

A number of the cast have gone on to become Hollywood A-Listers and have continued to be staples across the movie and TV screens, and they’ve been looking great doing it. So just how different do they all look? Here’s a look at the transformations of the Gossip Girl cast compared from then to now.

Blake Lively – Serena van der Woodsen

Gossip Girl then and now

via The CW and YouTube

Blake Lively is quite possibly one of the most well known names in Hollywood and it all began from her originating the role of the quintessential upper east side girly Serena van der Woodsen.

Leighton Meester – Blaire Waldorf

Gossip Girl then and now

via The CW and Netflix

Leighton Meester was 21 when she first appeared in Gossip Girl and is now 37 years old. Over the years she has appeared in a string of films including The Weekend Away, Date Night and Semper Fi.

Ed Westwick – Chuck Bass

Gossip Girl then and now

via The CW and STX

Ed Westwick played the forever handsome Chuck Bass, a character we loved to hate and hate that we loved. Since appearing on Gossip Girl, Ed has gone on to appear in White Gold, Me You Madness and Enemy Lines.

Penn Badgley – Dan Humphrey

via The CW and Netflix

Penn Badgley is definitely one of the more recognised faces from Gossip Girl, especially given his role as Joe Goldberg in Netflix’s YOU.

Taylor Momsen – Jenny Humphrey


via The CW and YouTube

Taylor Momsen no longer works in the acting world and is now part of the rock band The Pretty Reckless.

Chace Crawford – Nate Archibald

via The CW and Amazon

Chace Crawford has not stopped acting since his Gossip Girl days and is currently starring in Amazon’s The Boys as heartthrob The Deep. Other projects he has worked on include Inheritance, Blood & Oil and Undrafted.

Michelle Trachtenberg – Georgina Sparks

via The CW and HBO

Michelle Trachtenberg recently reprised her role in the HBO reboot of Gossip Girl and honestly, she hasn’t aged a day. Over the years, Michelle has appeared in 17 Again, Meet, Marry, Murder and The Scribbler.

Jessica Szohr – Vanessa Abram

via The CW and YouTube

Jessica appeared as Vanessa Adams in Gossip Girl and was Dan’s childhood best friend. Outside of the show, Jessica dated Ed Westwick but it was fairly short lived. She has since gone on to star in Shameless, Ted 2 and Two Night Stand.

Kelly Rutherford – Lily van der Woodsen

via The CW and YouTube

Kelly Rutherford was an already established actress before appearing on Gossip Girl and has gone on to star in even more high profile TV shows. Some of the series she has starred in include Dynasty, Jane the Virgin and Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists.

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Featured image credit via The CW and Netflix.