Say hello to Ella, the model and dancer joining Love Island who has ‘history’ with Tyrique

Oh things are about to get messy

Since Casa Amor there hasn’t been as much drama on Love Island 2023, but now there are two bombshells hitting the villa – one being a new girl called Ella B.

Yes, that’s Ella “B” because we already have Ella in the cast – but their names being the same aren’t the only thing the two Ellas have in common, Ella B also has history with Tyrique from before Love Island. Drama is about to be BACK.

Here’s everything you need to know about new bombshell Ella Barnes, as she enters the Love Island 2023 villa.

Love Island 2023 bombshell Ella B Barnes

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New Love Island 2023 bombshell Ella B is 23 and from Kent

Ella is 23, and from Kent. She currently works as a championship dancer and model. When asked what she’s looking forward to about Love Island, Ella B said: “I’m excited to go into the villa because I feel like I’ll bring a lot of spice and drama. I’m open to getting to know all the boys. At the moment, everyone is happy in their couples but I plan on going in there to shake things up.”

The Love Island villa better watch out, Ella B has ‘history’ with Tyrique

It could get messy in the villa, as Ella said: “I have a feeling I could make a few boys’ heads turn, especially Tyrique because we have history.” If you check out Ella’s Instagram, you can see Tyrique has been in her likes for weeks. Interesting!

Earlier in the series, Tyrique said he’d slept with over 100 people, so he’s probably dated many, many more than that, too. Why would Ella call it “history” unless it was something romantic? I guess we’ll have to wait and see what she means. 👀

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She has her eyes on Mitch, Scott and Tyrique

Despite being open to getting to know everyone, Ella said she has her eyes particularly on Mitch, Scott and Tyrique. “Mitch is cute, I also have a tendency to go for footballers so Scott and Tyrique are options too,” she said.

When looking for a partner, Ella said they need to have confidence, humour and loyalty. Ella is sure “most of the boys” will have their heads turned by her.

Ella B has said she’ll be ‘confident and bubbly’ in the Love Island villa

When asked to describe herself, Ella said “confident and bubbly.” She said: “I’m also very loving underneath it all, once you get to know me you will see that I’ve got a really good heart. I have a fiery side too, if I think someone is in the wrong or they overstep the line, I’m not afraid to go tell them. In terms of my looks, I’d say I’m a 5ft2 pocket rocket.”

She added: “I’m going to go in there and chat to every single boy whilst keeping my cards very close to my chest. I don’t want to be in a love triangle so I’m going to put myself first. Whoever puts me first and makes me a priority is the boy that I will choose.”

Ahead of the show, Ella B had over 25k followers on Instagram

Love Island 2023 bombshell Ella B Barnes

via Instagram @ellabellabarnes

Ella already has over 25k followers on Instagram, where she shares loads of pictures of her jet-set lifestyle. She’s always on holiday, checking into locations such as Dubai, Marbella and Ibiza. Her handle is @ellabellabarnes.

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