A breakdown of exactly how Tyrique and Love Island bombshell Ella already know each other

‘I literally saw you a couple months ago, kissing my face’

This year, loads of the Islanders have said they knew each other before the villa. And the latest example of that happening is new Love Island 2023 bombshell Ella B, who is already *very* familiar with Tyrique, as the pair know each other from before the show.

As she enters the villa, Ella B announces she wants a “battle” with the Ella Tyrique is already “closed off” with, and it looks as though the two girls are heading to war over him. But, how did Ella B and Tyrique already know each other before Love Island 2023? Here’s everything we know.

Tyrique and Ella B already know each other from before Love Island 2023

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So how do Tyrique and Love Island 2023 bombshell Ella B already know each other?

The “history” Tyrique and Ella had before the villa is definitely on a romantic level, with Ella saying they met up “quite recently” before the show. “We chatted, we kissed,” she tells fellow bombshell Josh of her and Tyrique’s relationship.

During the Love Island episode, she adds: “I know he’s fully closed off with her [Ella] but they’ve had a few bumps in the road, with me it would be an easy ride. Me and him have history, and I feel like if there’s only one person to turn his head it would be me. It’s just going to be the battle of the Ellas now.”

Ella B later says to Tyrique: “Listen, you know I fancy you and I know we get on. And I know you know we get on and I know you fancy me too…It’s mad, I literally saw you a couple months ago, kissing my face.”

As soon as Ella B was announced as a bombshell for Love Island 2023 and said to have “history” with Tyrique, people were quick to notice the pair follow each other on Instagram, and Tyrique has been liking her recent pictures.

People have commented on one of Ella’s pictures from February noting that Ty has liked that photo, and “basically all her posts.” One person added: “Her friends have been posting saying we’re not ready for what’s about to happen.”

If Ella is telling the truth about them meeting up “recently”, judging by the photos he’s apparently liked, it looks as though they met up in February this year.

There definitely is some serious history there, as Tyrique’s ex-Islander bestie Toby has hinted there’s going to big drama when Ella hits the villa. “Na give the producers a raise, all of them!” he tweeted, alongside Ella’s cast announcement pic. He would know!

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