Swifties waiting for their Eras Tour ticket codes has been chaos and these 21 memes prove it

Ticketmaster please, I need peace

Since Taylor Swift announced the international dates for her Eras Tour, UK Swifties have been bracing themselves to battle it out in the inevitable great war on Ticketmaster. People who already pre-registered for tickets are meant to be getting an email today to find out if they can get their hands on an access code that will improve their chances of getting those golden tickets – or if they’ve sadly been put on the waitlist.

Ticketmaster didn’t give a specific time but these emails are taking SO much longer people than expected to come out, and Swifties are absolutely losing their minds on Twitter while waiting to receive their codes. People are manifesting, crying, pleading with Ticketmaster – it’s full-on drama.

Here are the best memes from today’s Taylor Swift ticket codes Ticketmaster chaos:

1. I’ll literally try anything at this point

2. Does Ticketmaster even know what day it is?

3. It’s been such a long day

4. No seriously, what are they doing?

5. Where IS it?!?!?

6. I’m not fussed tbh x

7. This is so much worse than UCAS

8. I can’t relax

9. Manifesting x

10. I’m going to weep

11. Is anyone in there?

12. They’re the lucky ones fr

13. You’re losing me

14. I want a golden ticket Taylor

15. I’m not prepared for the bloodbath that will be general sale

16. Has ANYONE had an email?

17. Please just send it, I need peace

18. Not getting Eras tickets on top of not getting my degree would be insult to injury

19. Romeo save me x

20. I’m serious

21. I think Twitter may collapse

Cover photo by Mike Dunn/Shutterstock, overlay via Twitter

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