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Explained: This savage TikTok filter tells you when you and your partner are going to break up

Not some of you taking this seriously

There is a TikTok filter doing the rounds and it tells users when they will break up with their partner and it’s savage. The filter is meant to predict the future of the user’s relationship, saying whether it’ll go on for ages and be strong or if they’ll get cheated on and break up.

Users are using the filter alongside Taylor Swift’s iconic banger, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together which perfectly fits the breakup drama.

The reactions are truly everything. If you want to see the fate of your relationship through a TikTok filter then follow these steps.

How you can see when you will break up with your partner via the viral TikTok filter


This filter is supposed to show you when you’ll break up #foryou #filter #breakup

♬ original sound – sp33dsongsx

• Open up TikTok, obvs

• Click on the plus icon which is located at the bottom of your screen, this will open up the camera

• In the bottom left corner tap where it says “effects”

• Search for “When will we break up”

• Finally tap on the filter with the cute little pink box to make sure you’ve got the right one

And voila! Enjoy ruining your relationship and making yourself second guess absolutely everything thanks to literally zero scientific reasoning whatsoever.

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