Iced coffee

Exactly what your iced coffee order says about your overall vibe this hot girl summer

Inject it into my VEINS

Happy iced coffee season to all who celebrate. The best time of the year is officially here and it turns out your Starbucks, Cafe Nero and Pret order says a lot more about your overall vibe than you might first think. Matcha  latte on ice? You’re a wannabe health girlie who only wears white. Pump of vanilla syrup? Insufferable.

So, in case your curious about what personality you’re screaming to the world when you make your coffee shop selection this summer, here’s a run down of what your specific iced coffee order really says about you:

Black iced americano

iced coffee

You’re living your best feral rat summer and keeping yourself afloat with nothing but iced arabica beans is the best way you know how to stay alive as you bounce from bar to fuck boy’s bed to 8am work meeting in your semi-corporate job. You think you’re like Zoe Kravitz in High Fidelity but your non-stop heart palpitations are much too hectic for her cool girl demeanour. Maybe try and eat a vegetable once in a while.

A classic iced latte

iced coffee order

You’re a millennial at heart and your cheugy could-have-been-from-the-2000s coffee order proves it. Often they give you a dome lid in Starbucks and you’re too oblivious to know that’s basically iced coffee social suicide.  You nip to your nearest chain coffee shop in Commes de Garcon converses and a slogan T-shirt and think you’re the main character of the high street.

An iced matcha latte

iced coffee order

The most evil tier of iced coffee drinkers: The iced matcha girlies. You fully leant into the “that girl” TikTok trend and have been jade rolling your face, running 5ks and eating avo toast with an air of superiority which should really only be reserved for heads of state. Have a Deliveroo and actually enjoy your summer, I beg.

An iced latte with oat milk

iced coffee order

You’re the everyman of the iced coffee scene. You know what you like and stick to it. Oat milk has become more of a habit than a health conscious or morally eco decision, you just pay the extra 30p and don’t ask questions.

An iced latte with soy milk

iced coffee order

You have IBS and shouldn’t really even be drinking caffeine. But you have to admire the risk you’re taking to get on board with the other hot girl summer girlies out there.

A chai iced latte

iced coffee order

You’re the type of person where everything you eat has to be the flavour of something else. Lip gloss? Peach infused. Water? With strawberry sweetener, please. Coffee? Chai, thanks. Essentially, you’re running away from reality. But whatever works for you, babe!!

An iced latte with oat milk and a pump of hazelnut syrup

iced coffee order

You have more money than god if you can afford dairy alternatives and a syrup sweetener in your coffee. And, with the audacity of asking your barista for an order that long, you’re almost certainly an only child and/or have a Leo star sign. But it’s your world and we’re all just living in it. Have to admire the confidence.

A decaf iced latte with oat milk

You have crippling anxiety and know better than to drink caffeine by now.

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