Love Island 2023 first Instagram posts

A look inside the Love Island 2023 cast’s cringey first Instagram posts

I’m glad Sammy has a new sense of style

It’s been two weeks since Love Island made its return and it’s safe to say, everyone is obsessed. Viewers have been lapping up all the drama between the contestants, proving it to be a truly iconic season already. With the season proving to be a hit, it’s only natural to want to know a bit more about the cast before they entered the villa.

There is no better way to find out more about an Islander than through their social media, especially when they haven’t purged their page. All the digging has been for you if you’re a bit nosey and want to see what the Islanders all looked like before Love Island was even a thought in their minds. Here is a look inside the Love Island 2023 cast’s first Instagram posts:


Molly has been grinding for that influencer life ever since she was a kid and her very first Instagram post was her announcing she was starting a YouTube channel. A girlboss since day one!


Tyrique only has 26 photos on his Instagram so there isn’t much to go by what he was like in his younger years. His first two photos are of him playing football but his first post outside of that is with his friend in 2020.


Similarly to Molly, Leah has been grinding HARD to build her Instagram and has over 500 posts. Leah’s first photo is from way back in 2013 when she was likely in high school. Like all of us, she loved a Retrica filter.


Ella has been boujee from day one and her first Instagram photo proves that.


Zachariah’s first Instagram post is a video of him playing basketball. He quite literally captioned it “ball is life”. Sure x


Whitney definitely went through an Instagram purge before she entered the villa as her first photo is from just two years ago.


Mitchel’s first Instagram post is from 2016 and when throwing a peace sign was cool.


Jess’s first Instagram post was from back in 2021 so not all that much has changed. That girl loves a holiday and you simply have to respect her for it.


Catherine only has 25 posts on Instagram so it’s safe to assume she went through and deleted a fair chunk of photos before entering the villa. Her first photo is form 2018 and she doesn’t look all that different.


Like a lot of the boys in the villa, Sammy doesn’t have many Instagram photos and so looks very much the same in his first Instagram post.


Dental nurse Charlotte’s first Instagram post was from 2018. Did you know she’s 30?


Andre has 14 posts on Instagram and I can’t quite believe he was 19 years old in his first Instagram post. What water has he been drinking?!


Love Island 2023 Mehdi’s first Instagram posts only furthers just how flawless he is. Just look at that jawline!

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