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‘She’s trying to be iconic’: Every time Molly Marsh copied Molly-Mae’s Love Island energy

This can’t be a coincidence


Molly Marsh might be causing everyone’s heads to swivel 180 degrees after she was dumped from the Love Island villa, only to be rumoured to return for Casa Amor, but everyone watching her main character moment at home has noticed she’s seriously channelling another iconic contestant’s vibe: Molly Mae.

Yup, from her clothes, to her facial expressions, to her dating tactics it seems like Molly’s been studying the Love Island hall of fame on how to behave inside the villa. So, in case you’ve felt like you’ve been having déjà vu from 2019 too, here are all the times Molly Marsh copied Molly-Mae’s Love Island energy:

Her pose and pink bikini in her contestant promo pic

Molly Marsh Love Island

Legitimately uncanny.

Bringing a teddy with her to the villa like Ellie Belly

Love Island Molly stuffed animal teddy

Back in 2019, a star was born. When Molly-Mae entered the villa she brought with her an aged toy elephant called Ellie Belly, who became the villa’s unofficial mascot and just as much a part of Molly’s Love Island journey as Tommy did. Molly tried the same tactic, bringing in her teddy Plop, who’s receiving minimal screen time.

Hiding in the bushes to spy on her many men

Molly Marsh Love Island

Famously, in one of the most memeable Love Island images of all time, Molly-Mae hid in a bush in the villa to spy on Maura and Tommy. And, earlier this week, Molly Marsh did exactly the same thing to keep an eye on Zachariah. Coincidence? Probs not.

This eye-popping re-coupling reaction

Molly Marsh Love Island

All she’s really missing at this point is the huge bun on her head.

Business-ready evening wear almost every night

Molly Marsh Molly Mae

One of Molly-Mae’s most standard villa fits was a blazer dress in various colours for the evening. We’re one week into Love Island 2023, and Molly Marsh has already worn multiple blazer dresses, including this blue one that’s borderline identical to OG Molly’s 2019 fit.

Dating Tommy Fury

Molly Marsh Love Island

Yup, you read that right. Molly Marsh admitted to previously having dated Molly-Mae’s boyfriend, and father to her child, Tommy Fury before they coupled up in the Love Island 2019 villa. Three years ago, Molly Marsh uploaded a TikTok where she answered the question: “You dated Tommy Fury before he went on Love Island?” to which she shiftily responds “yeah” and nodding without giving any further detail. Bizarre.

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